Does Mike Huckabee think Pat Robertson is Intoxicated?

How frustrating is this readers: Evangelicals like Pat Robertson endorsing the (one of two actually) Democrat posing as a Republican Guiliani, because he’s the frontrunner (though he doesn’t come right out and say it) but puts his principles and values on the shelf by not endorsing Huckabee.

Hey Pat Robertson – SHAME ON U!


Posted by: Jonathan Garthwaite at 10:20 AM Matt just reported the Pat Robertson/Giuliani endorsement which reminds me…

In October, Religion & Ethics asked Mike Huckabee why religious conservative hadn’t rallied around (read: endorsed) his campaign.

A: I think that in some ways the Christian conservative movement has maybe gotten off the track. I think that some of them, frankly, are more intoxicated with power than principle, and I know that’s a pretty outrageous if not rather bold statement to make, but I think it’s the truth. Some have become so acquainted now with power and have been so close to it that they forget that the purpose for which they got involved in politics was not to be close to power; it was to speak the truth to power. It was to hold those in power, to hold their feet to the fire over issues they said got them involved and motivated. Now I hear some of the so-called Christian leaders say, “Well, we love Huckabee. He really agrees with us, and he’s one of us in terms of views. But, you know, we’re looking for somebody that we’re confident is going to win.” Well, two things. First, a lot of these people if they would get behind me I’d be winning right now, and I think I will ultimately without them. But secondly, if they really are principled, it’s not about who might win, it’s about who stands with us. And, frankly, it’s a little disturbing, if not frightening, that some have forgotten the essence of what Jesus taught, and that is if you gain the whole world but lose your soul what does it profit you? And, frankly, some who would say, “Well, the presidency is so important.” You know, well, so what? The presidency is not as important as are your values and as are your deep principles from the heart. And I worry about people who have come to this sort of “it’s about winning.” No. It’s about standing for your convictions. And if it’s not about that, then I’m afraid that many people got involved for all the wrong reasons.

Mr. Robertson, your response?

6 Responses to “Does Mike Huckabee think Pat Robertson is Intoxicated?”

  1. Cajun Maverick Says:

    No, I am not for Ron Paul; I am for Duncan Hunter. I was just saying in my blog post that Ron Paul is a better candidiate than Rudy is. Pat Robertson made a huge mistake and made himself more irrelevant.

  2. chukmaty Says:

    Call me crazy but, i think not being endorsed by the leaders of the Christian right will play out greatly to Huckabee’s advantage. Some of his appeal comes from the underdog regular guy attitude he exudes so well. He is by nature the anti elite candidate and being turned down by the Christian Elite seems to play well to his image as going directly to the regular guys. The endorsements or lack of endorsements has not adversely effected Huckabee’s surge. I think he will succeed without the elite of any group supporting him. Mike Huckabee is the ultimate outsider and is owned by no one.

  3. billgarcia Says:

    Chuckmaty – your observation is very correct: though it is a frustrating situation, how many more Democrats will be drawn to him specifically for that reason? Nice comment!

  4. Sassy Says:

    I too was shocked to see Pat Robinson putting his support for Rudy! I just saw a bio on TV about Rudy and he is not what he says he is. He brags about being a lawyer that was big on the mob and did so much to get them locked up. Not true. He has stretched and twisted the truth, & to be for abortion, married several times, has nothing to show how he could run a country. By being a mayor of New York, does he really think that is like running the USA? I don’t see a whole lot of difference in Rudy and Hillary. Rudy wants to take all the guns away from the citizens so that means only the bad guys can have guns. Is he a joke or what?!! And just what is wrong with Pat? I use to admire him, but now I don’t think he is a true Christian.

  5. Chuckie C. Says:

    This is a blessing for Mike Huckabee and going to hurt Rudy.

  6. Repulicans Presidential Election 2008 » Does Mike Huckabee think Pat Robertson is Intoxicated? Says:

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