Clinton vs Clinton, and Hillary’s hat trick

Hillary says: “We don’t need more Republican scare tactics about a ‘Social Security crisis.'” (Beth Fouhy, “Clinton Says Economy Needs Experience,” The Associated Press, 11/20/07)
FLASHBACK: Then-President Clinton: “This fiscal crisis in Social Security affects every generation.” (President Bill Clinton, Remarks At Georgetown University On Social Security, Washington, DC, 2/9/98)

Hillary’s hat trick:

LIBRARY LOCKDOWN #3: Hillary’s Records As First Lady Of Arkansas Are Locked Down And Will Not Be Available To The Public Until After The 2008 Election: (Andrew DeMillo, “Hillary Clinton Ark. Papers Unreleased,” The Associated Press, 11/19/07)
LIBRARY LOCKDOWN #2: The Diane Blair Papers Remain Locked Down In University Of Arkansas Library: “Last Month The University Of Arkansas Announced That The Blair Papers Would Not Be Made Public Until 2009.” (Jake Tapper, “Clinton Papers Won’t Be Released Until After Election,” ABC News, 11/6/07) Papers Not Available Despite Indications That They Should Have Already Been Released.
LIBRARY LOCKDOWN #1: Millions Of Pages Of Hillary’s White House Records Remain Locked Down In Little Rock: Only One Half Of One Percent Of Clinton White House Administration Documents Are Available At The Clinton Library. (Michael Isikoff, “Papers? I Don’t See Any Papers,” Newsweek, 10/29/07)

… not TOO much to hide; yeah right…


2 Responses to “Clinton vs Clinton, and Hillary’s hat trick”

  1. Clinton vs Clinton, and Hillary’s hat trick | Political news - democrats republicans socialists greens liberals conservatives Says:

    […] post by billgarcia This was written by . Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2007, at 10:42 am. Filed under […]

  2. Karl Krynicki Says:

    I am a strange bird because I remember all those scare tactics the Democrats used back then, and I can’t understand how nobody else remembers, I hope more people read about the tricks they use. If she gets elected this country is in big trouble the left wing agenda will run rampant. Well let me stop rambling.

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