Edwards Sidesteps Question Of His View Of Revolutionary Guard

We all know that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization, right? What planet does John Edwards, the man that wants to be called President live on? Perhaps we just wants to make friends with the ones that want to annialate us ? And we’re supposed to actually vote for someone like this? I think not! Democrat John Edwards has leveled new criticism at presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on the issue of Iran.

But Edwards sidestepped a question on whether he thinks the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization.

The former North Carolina senator told reporters after a campaign event in eastern Iowa that he and his presidential rival agree the election is about change. He also says if a candidate defends the system in Washington, supports continuing the occupation in Iraq and isn’t willing to stand up to the Bush administration on Iran, they’re for the status quo.

Edwards has repeatedly criticized Clinton for voting for a Senate resolution in September that declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

Asked whether he believed the Iranian Guard to be a terrorist organization, Edwards answered instead how he felt about the Senate vote.



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