Clinton questioned on immigration reform in Perry

Well wat do you know? There ARE people out there that realize Hillary’s speeches don’t contain any substance: Read on – and note my highlighted text:

Perry, Ia.— Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told potential caucusgoers in one of the state’s most diverse communities Sunday that immigration reform begins with border security, broaching the issue only after she was questioned about it by an audience member.

“I believe in comprehensive immigration reform, but it starts with homeland security,” she said. “You cannot move to comprehensive immigration reform until we have tougher, more secure borders.”

The New York senator reminded the crowd of about 400 gathered in the Perry High School cafeteria that she voted for and supports stronger technological and physical borders, adding that 40 percent of those in the United States illegally are here because they have overstayed expired visas. Clinton repeated the sentiment to another woman who also asked her the question at an additional stop Sunday in Nevada.

That said, it would be impossible to deport the estimated 12-14 million people who have entered the country illegally, she said.

Clinton suggested instead that “everybody come out of the shadows,” and those found to have committed crimes will be immediately deported.

Those who haven’t, she said, should register and pay back taxes, fines and learn English before joining the line to legalization.

The answer was somewhat satisfactory to Julia Edwards of Redfield, who posed the question to Clinton in Perry and was somewhat surprised it wasn’t brought up in Clinton’s 35-minute speech that ran the gamut from global warming to health care.

“That kind of made me wonder,” said Edwards, 61, who believes the country’s borders need to be secured. “I think it should be talked about more, and a lot of people agree. It’s a key issue, just like the war in Iraq.”

Edwards said she was initially a strong Clinton backer, but withdrew her support when Clinton was accused of waffling on her stance at a debate last month about whether driver’s licenses should be issued to illegal immigrants. Edwards, who wore a Hillary sticker, said she’s edging back toward supporting Clinton.

The Perry event was the first of three Sunday, followed by stops in Nevada and Iowa Falls. The crowd gathered in Gates Memorial Hall in Nevada waited an hour for Clinton to show up, where she promptly apologized after taking the stage, saying she lost track of time in Perry.

The stop in Nevada hit an additional hitch when Clinton lost her voice mid-speech, yet she recovered, reminding the crowd that she’s equipped for anything the Republican party can throw at her after being in the public eye for 15 years.

“I think my political experience of having been on the receiving end of so much incoming fire equips me for understanding you don’t take this personally. You can’t take it personally,” she said.


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