Hillary Clinton Draws Boos at Iowa Campaign Event

Whatever public sympathy Hillary Clinton had built up during the tense hostage situation at her New Hampshire campaign office appeared to dissipate Saturday, as she was met with a round of boos during an address over the phone to an Iowa political event.

At the Heartland Presidential Candidates Forum in Des Moines, community activists lustily booed the Democratic frontrunner after she declined to commit to passing comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days in office.

Clinton showed up in person, along with the six other candidates, for an evening forum before African-American and Hispanic activists.

In the early forum, Clinton said reform would be a “high priority” for her, but that didn’t satisfy a crowd looking for legislation that would move illegal immigrants swiftly on a path to legalization.

Former radio talk show host John Ziegler also made an off-color Clinton comment Saturday while introducing GOP candidate Fred Thompson at an event in California.

“In case you missed it, some nut job broke in (Clinton’s campaign office) and took hostages and apparently threatened to blow himself up unless he got a chance to speak to Hillary,” Ziegler said. “Now, I found this rather odd because I always feel like blowing myself up after I hear Hillary Clinton


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