Mitt Romney Stepping Up His Techniques

Mitt Romney has been stepping up his techniques when it comes to accusing his rivals. In recent days, he has become more and more apt to attack his biggest rival Mike Huckabee. He is now accusing him of being soft on crime.  

Mitt Romney, who has shown small gains recently in polls done by, has been making claims against Huckabee’s record on crime. However, this could lead to bigger problems for Mitt Romney, because the more he brings up Huckabee’s record on crime the more his own record on crime is coming under fire. 

Romney put out an ad, which is titled “Choice: Judgment”. This ad attempts to compare and contrast his own record with Huckabee’s record. The announcer on the ad says that Romney was tough on drugs, and had never pardoned a single criminal. The announcer also said that Huckabee had granted many different pardons and communications of sentences. Romney is using this ad to switch support from Hucakbee to himself.

However, Romney has now opened the door to discuss his own past. Because his ad claims that he has done certain things and has not done other things. Because he has stated all of these things, he is leaving the door open for people to begin to question his own past and what he has done and has not done. Therefore, it is very important that each of the things in his ad were completely true. Otherwise, he is going to run into some problems.

This is all we supperters of Mike ask… dig down and get the facts. As Mike says often: “the truth is my friend” 


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