NJ Primary Information: SUPER TUESDAY IS FEB. 5th.

Calling New Jersey: today (dec. 17) is the last day to “SWING” register for NJ Primary

NJ Primary on Feb 5th.
I want to share some thought provoking ideas for you to ponder before deciding who will get your vote.
RIGHT now –  to do the following 2 things:
Take inventory of your values and convictions… what’s most important to you and your family?
Remove from your mind: “who do I think will win”, and “everyone I know is voting for —“ and instead, ask yourself: Who is the candidate that closely shares my values and convictions?
That is the person to vote for!
(go to my other blog HERE for a candidate information page. I’m pro Huckabee – but I do have information for ALL our candidates so please spend some time learning about them)
IF YOU ARE NOT AFFILIATED: you can participate only if you shed your unaffiliated status and join a party on primary day.
Q: HOW DO I Register?
A: You need to go to your City Hall/Town Clerk or the county board of ElectionsNeed help finding them? CLICK HEREI strongly urge you: if you have considered voting for someone in the general Presidential election that is outside your Party affiliate, in order to do all you can to make that candidate the party nominee, please consider visiting your local TOWN HALL and fill out the necessary paperwork TODAY.
SO – for example: if you’re a registered Democrat or independent, but like Governor Huckabee, well, you can vote for Governor Huckabee in the general election on Nov. 2008 only if he’s the Republican nominee… in order for him to be the nominee, all the individual state registered voters need to vote him in as candidate, to represent the Republican party. So the only way you can really exercise your right and be heard, is to do all you can to make Governor Huckabee the nominee – so come on New Jersey – go to your local TOWN HALL and make the change before its too late!!!

Please do all you can to support our next Commander in Chief – whoever you vote for, like Huckabee ;o), make sure your registered for that party or declare a party on Primary day if unaffiliated or Independent!


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    […] SoonerThought wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptCalling New Jersey: today is the last day to “SWING” register for NJ Primary Posted on December 17, 2007 by billgarcia | Edit […]

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