Assemblyman: Counties and Towns Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Borrow Without Your OK

The focus of Governor Jon Corzine State of the State Address last week was on his controversial 800% toll hike plan. Lost in the aftermath seems to be the fact that he also said part of the proposal says, “All future debt issued without a dedicated revenue source must be approved by the voters.”

Assemblyman Mike Doherty agrees that taking on State debt should require voter approval, but says counties and municipalities should be forced to play by the same rules. He says he will introduce a bill later this month that would call for an okay by the public before towns and counties are allowed to borrow.

“You know, a lot of elected officials, once they’ve been in office a while, they let the power go to their head,” says Doherty. He explains, “This attitude does exist in New Jersey where some say, ‘Hey, I’m an elected official. I was elected to make these decisions and I’m going to spend $30 million of your money and I don’t care what you say about it!'”

(I stress again: YOUR VOICE MATTERS – and your voice is at the voting booth. Stay home and these Trenton crooks remain in power, helping themselves!)

“How dare an elected official go out and charge $30 million dollars on the taxpayers’ credit card without asking the taxpayers what they think about it,” says Doherty. He points out, just because a mayor or freeholder board might want a new library or municipal facility doesn’t necessarily mean the public does and the people will be the ones footing the bill.

Doherty says his legislation is very straightforward, “Before the people’s money is spent, maybe those elected officials should have to go before the voters and see if the voters approve.”

By: Kevin McArdle


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