District 12 – Beck: Hard Work Needed to Keep New Jersey Affordable

January 9, 2008
Contact: Senate Republican Office
(609) 292-5199

Property Tax Relief, Ethics Reform & Toll Road Protection Top New Senator’s Agenda

Newly sworn in Senator Jennifer Beck (R-12) issued the following statement regarding her priorities for the 213th Legislature and her reaction to Governor Corzine’s “State of the State” speech.

“Today, as I listened to Governor Corzine’s State of the State address I became deeply concerned as he outlined his plan to increase tolls more than fivefold. His proposal to increase tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Atlantic City Expressway and Route 440 amount to a little more than a road tax on middle class New Jersey families. The governor’s toll road scheme is nothing more than a road t ax on middle class New Jersey families. The governor’s toll road scheme is nothing more than another shortsighted financial gimmick that mortgages our future and our children’s future without addressing New Jersey’s real problem, which is too much state spending. New Jersey has simply become unaffordable for middle class families and seniors and this potential toll increase on commuters will only make matters worse.

Governor Corzine’s comments about government accountability and ethics reform echo what my colleagues and I have been aggressively advocating for many years. Good government groups throughout the state estimate that pay to play costs the taxpayers of this state more than $1 billion in extra costs per year. A true ban on dual office holding, a complete ban on pay-to-play and an end to the political practice known as wheeling is a first step towards making New Jersey more affordable.

As we move forward tough decisions and choices must be made. Throughout the Legislative process my primary consideration on any policy question will be what is in the best interests of the residents of Monmouth and Mercer Counties. I will continue to aggressively advocate for fiscal responsibility, ethical integrity and property tax relief and reform throughout my term.”


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