Governor Gets Money Saving Suggestions During His Latest Debt Reduction Town Hall Meeting

Governor Corzine continued his tour of the State – to promote his toll hike plan – last night in Randolph.

Speaking to a packed house of several hundred at the County College of Morris, Corzine outlined Jersey’s terrible fiscal mess, then touted the benefits of increasing tolls 800 percent to address the problem.

Afterwards, the Governor was asked all kinds of questions, such as “why should we trust not only you, but future Governors for 75 years? What’s in it for the middle class? Why can’t we just stop spending money? Is there any plan that you have to use the full powers of your office to limit pension abuse? Why do we build new weigh stations when we don’t use them?”

Another member of the audience strongly suggested to Mr. Corzine that he enact tough new ethics reforms before the toll hike plan is approved and the money starts rolling in, because “this is New Jersey – this is like throwing a blue whale into shark territory -I mean the money will be siphoned to every place known to mankind.”

The Governor has said he will visit all 21 Jersey Counties in the coming months to promote his plan to the public, before it’s considered by the legislature.


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