Corzine will name GOP ELEC Commissioner

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Governor Jon Corzine will fill the Republican seat on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission “within weeks or even days,” according to his spokesman, Jim Gardner. The seat has been vacant since Corzine named Judge Theodore Davis to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Camden in December 2006.

Earlier this week, ELEC postponed a decision on the use of campaign funds to pay attorney fees in a criminal corruption case by a 2-1 vote, with the lone Republican Commissioner voting against the postponement. Republican National Committeeman David Norcross sharply criticized Corzine for leaving the GOP seat vacant for more than a year, calling it “inexcusable.” Norcross, a former ELEC Executive Director, said the law requires the commission to be bi-partisan.

The request for a decision came from lawyers representing ex-State Sen. Wayne Bryant, who wants to use his $650,000 warchest to pay for his legal fees. Bryant was indicted last year on twenty corruption counts. And ex-State Sen. Joseph Coniglio, the target of a federal criminal probe, has already used his campaign fund to pay an estimated $90,000 in legal fees.

Gardner refused to discuss specific candidates for the seat, noting that the nomination process is confidential.


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