Jennifer Beck & Sean Kean: Release All The Data Now

Corzine, Corzine, Corzine…  Why are you playing so dirty?

Corzine Must Provide Complete Information To The Public

Senators Jennifer Beck, (R-12), and Sean Kean, (R-11), called on Governor Corzine today to release all of the information collected over the past two years related to the monetization of New Jersey’s highways. To date, the only information that the Corzine Administration has released is contained in a power point presentation, the Governor’s “State of the State” message and a heavily edited and sanitized version of the Steer, Davies and Gleave transportation study. The Senators also announced that they will file an appeal of Judge Feinberg’s decision to allow data and information to be withheld from the public in Appellate court today. (the judicial pay hike a couple weeks back comes in handy on this one )

“The transportation study released by the Governor today is 100 pages less than the earlier draft we requested,” Kean stated. “The document provided by the administration today is data the taxpayers paid for.”

“It is essential to the Legislature’s analysis of Governor Corzine’s proposal that we obtain the consultant’s fundamental assumptions and preliminary premise,” Beck continued. “Without the details behind the study it will be extremely difficult to conduct a fair and independent analysis of the Governor’s monetization proposal.”

Senators Beck and Kean noted that the deadline for filing an appeal of Judge Feinberg’s ruling that the Executive branch of government alone, decides what information that the public has the right to review is next week.

“We respectfully disagree with Judge Feinberg’s ruling,” Kean noted. “As the deadline for filing an appeal approaches we have decided that it is necessary to take action to reverse her ruling. The public’s fundamental right to view information that they paid for is the issue at stake here.”

“I am baffled by the judge’s decision that the Executive Branch of government is the sole arbiter of what the public can and cannot have access to. Barring national security concerns, the taxpayer’s of New Jersey must have the right to review anything that they have paid for,” Beck concluded.


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