Visit our new page: NJ ONE VOICE…

Right here – or just click the page tab to the right ——->.

Let this be your source for which Legislators supporting the Toll Hike scheme.


2 Responses to “Visit our new page: NJ ONE VOICE…”

  1. Seamus McWilliams Says:

    I have a sneaky feeling that Corzine is running a bluff? There is now way in hell that any legislature will pass this because they like their jobs! Corzine has a plan “B”. What it is I have no clue but I just don’t trust this guy at all.

  2. Lenore Jensen Says:

    The citizens of this state are FED UP with excessive spending that has put our state in this MESS! Cut spending….nothing else is acceptable. Get off the beach and get in touch with the people who live in this state!!!


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