It’s about time: Starting March 1st, stiff penalties for drivers talking or texting on a hand held device

In just a couple of weeks, New Jersey drivers who may be distracted by some electronic devices while behind the wheel will be facing stiffer penalties.

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Starting March 1st, it will be a primary offense for drivers caught by police using hand-held cell phones to talk or text message while operating their vehicles. Speaking on Millennium Radio’s “Ask the MVC” Wednesday night, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission chief administrator Sharon Harrington says the reason for the change is simple. “What you’re supposed to be doing when you’re behind the wheel is driving; paying attention to not only your actions and to the road in front of you, but to the drivers and the activities around you.”

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One Response to “It’s about time: Starting March 1st, stiff penalties for drivers talking or texting on a hand held device”

  1. Andrea Says:

    This may not apply to many people but it does apply to some. While driving my car, especially on long boring trips, I twirl my hair. I don’t talk on my phone or text, just twirl my hair. Yet, I’ve already been pulled over once by an officer that thought I was on my phone. I assured him that not only was I not on my phone, I had my hands-free attached just in case. He still gave me a ticket (may as well, he already pulled me over) but for speeding (68 in a 65). So now when I drive, I have to worry that an officer might drive up behind me on the parkway and mistake my twirling for law breaking. No my twirling is not a necessity, but it certainly should be my right. Perhaps the state can issue “Known twirler” bumper stickers to clear this up, of course given only to those that can prove their habit.


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