Manalapan: Teen faces multiple charges after incident at high school

News Transcript

A 15-year-old boy who attends Manalapan High School was charged last week with making terroristic threats and creating false public alarm.

Manalapan police Capt. Louis Moreto said officers were called to ManalapanHigh School, Church Lane, on March 6 to deal with a student who was reported to have possibly made a threat by uttering words to the effect that he and his friends were “planning the bloody massacre of Manalapan.”

The youth had also written the word “massacre” on a blackboard, something he admitted to the teacher who overheard the threatening words being spoken by the boy while he was standing among other students, according to Moreto.

The captain said the boy insisted to school administrators and police officers that the words had been said in jest and that he did not mean anything serious by them.

Nevertheless, following an interview with Manalapan police Detective Michael Ratta and at the suggestion of the school psychologist who first spoke with the boy and hismother, along with other school administrators, the youth was taken voluntarily to CentraStateMedical Center, Freehold

Township, for a psychological evaluation.

The boy was evaluated and cleared to go home that same evening. No court date has been set to hear the charges that were lodged against the boy.

Moreto said an adult facing charges of making terroristic threats and creating false public alarm would be facing a thirddegree crime, which would carry potential jail time. He said the Manalapan student will face punishment at the discretion of a judge since the matter involves a juvenile.

Moreto and Freehold Regional High School District public information officer IlseWhisner were each asked if the boy has a prior history of problems at the school or if he had been the subject of peer bullying or harassment.

Moreto said police would have no way of knowing the answer to those questions and Whisner said the district’s policy is not to discuss any student’s school record.

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