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Go th the site HERE to Download the Petition (by county), find a Notary

FAQ’s and Instructions:

1. Print out the petitions on letter-size paper (8½ x 11).
2. Make sure that the whole page prints, if you are having trouble, make sure that “Page Scaling” is set to “Fit to Printable Area” and that “Auto-Rotate and Center” is checked
3. You may circulate as many pages as you like.
4. Make sure that the signers fill out everything, and that they check the check-box.
5. You can’t circulate a Signature Page that someone else has already started circulating – just do a new one! (and have them get theirs notarized and sent in)
6. The address people should use is the one that they are registered at, and they should write and sign their name the same way the did when they registered.
7. Only registered voters may sign or circulate the petition.
8 If they are not registered, have them register, voting is important. You can get blank forms here:

Voter Registration Form

or by clicking the Register to Vote link on the website. Once they are registered (it takes about 3 weeks), then they can sign.
9. You must sign the petition as a signer if you are going to circulate it. You can sign your own petition, or someone else’s, it does not matter. If you are just starting, I recommend that you get started by filling in the first spot for yourself, and signing it, that way you don’t forget.
10. Make sure that people sign the petition with their home county printed on the top.
11. You may print out multiple “page 2’s” (Signature Pages), as long as you keep a “page 1” in the front where it can be easily seen, and all the signature pages are stapled to the back. I don’t recommend you attach more then 4 Signature Pages to any “page one”, If you fill that up, start a new “page 1”.
12. Don’t leave filled out petitions lying around, get the forms notarized and mail them in!
13. If you are the circulator, don’t sign the circulator part at the bottom of the signature pages until the Notary tells you to.
14. The circulator portion at the bottom of each Signature Page must be signed by the circulator in front of a Notary and notarized.
15. Don’t worry that there is no line for the notary to sign, they don’t need one, they can just sign on the white space.
16. Fill in all date sections, and make sure they are correct.
17. Many banks will notarize for free if you are a customer.
18. Many Libraries will print the petitions out for you if you don’t have a printer, or if you are having trouble printing.
19. The petition is being circulated in every county in New Jersey, and you may gather signatures in any county, even if you live in a different county.
20. Mail the Notarized Petitions as soon as possible to:

Committee to Recall Jon Corzine
P.O. Box 21
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

21. if you have any questions, or are unsure about how to do it right, email me at:

Once again – We need a lot of signatures, and we want everyone’s signature to count, so we need to make sure that everything is done correctly, on the right size paper, on the right County page, filled out completely, check-box checked, signed and notarized correctly, and mailed in as quick as possible.




P.O. BOX 21 – GLEN RIDGE, NJ 07028



  1. Bill Christman Says:

    HELLO!, I support you 100% in your efforts to RECALL Gov. Jon S. Corzine!!!!! As a 57 year old home owner, Father of 2, a Professional business owner and lifelong resident of NJ, I no longer can afford to live in the state that I love! If the cost of living does not dramatically change or promise change in the next year or two, I will have NO CHOICE but to sell my home ( which I completly own! ), and move my family and business to another state. I have seen the writing on the wall for quite sometime now, and will not allow my life’s hard work and committments be destroyed by a CORRUPT Government system!!! I will take a stand next to you and your efforts! THANK YOU for CARING!!!!!!!! Bill Christman Mays Landing, NJ

  2. Rev. Martin S. Murphy Says:

    I just can’t say enough bad things to do justice to New Jersey’s iron-fisted, monomaniacal-megalomaniac, brain-dead, tax-happy, plan-deprived, corrupt, two-timing, two-faced, fork-tongued, nanny-state, scum-sucking, low-life, vote-stealing, double-dealing, lying, cheating, no-good, rotten, perverted, deranged, lunatic of what can only be laughingly called a governor.

    Count me in !!

    Check these links…

    Jon Corzine Archives

    New Jersey Gets Another Corrupt Senator

    by Matt Margolis :: December 7, 2005 9:38 PM

    It is being reported that Jon Corzine, the governor-elect of New Jersey, will name Rep. Robert Menendez to serve the remainder of his Senate term.

    The Senate will soon say goodbye to one of its most corrupt members, and soon say hello to another New Jersey politician with skeletons in his closet.

    Following the eruption of the McGreevey scandal, when it was revealed that then-governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey was having a homosexual love affair with a man he later hired as the state’s head of Homeland Security, Menendez called for McGreevey to immediately resign.

    The New York Sun reported on August 20, 2004 that following Menendez’s call for McGreevey to resign, McGreevey loyalists revealed that Menendez had had “a long-term affair with a female staffer.

    The Democratic insiders identified the woman as Kay LiCausi, Mr. Menendez’s former chief of staff, who is a lobbyist and political consultant based in Hoboken.

    The insiders said that like some Democrats who recently blasted the now lame-duck governor for hiring alleged gay lover Golan Cipel as his $110,000 a year terrorism tsar, Mr. Menendez’s intimate connections with Ms. LiCausi have resulted in thousands of dollars worth of consultancy and lobbying contracts for Ms. LiCausi’s company, KL Strategies, Inc.

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Menendez, Desiree Ramos, would not confirm or deny that the 51-year-old congressman, who sources said left his wife, Jane, 51, and his home in his native Union City more than a year ago to live with Ms. LiCausi, 32, at the luxury Independence at the Shipyard apartment complex in Hoboken, had engaged in an extramarital affair.

    Ms. Ramos also declined to comment on accusations that the congressman had acted favorably toward Ms. LiCausi’s clients.

    The records speak for themselves…

    Menendez’s New Millenium PAC paid KL Strategies $45,000 in media consulting fees between January 2003 and September 2003.

    Menendez’s own expeditures show that KL Strategies received $61,493 in fundraising consulting fees in the 2003-2004 election cycle.

    According to a New York Times profile of LiCausi written back in July, Menendez “steered more than $200,000 worth of political consulting and fund-raising contracts her way.” But it was her “swift climb up the ladder” that was really suspicious.

    …what has struck many seasoned politicians and consultants in New Jersey is the speed of Ms. LiCausi’s ascent and the scope of her work, even in the state’s forgiving political culture. She had little experience on Capitol Hill or in Trenton. In her highest position, she supervised a half-dozen members of Mr. Menendez’s Jersey City staff.

    “This woman starts out as a midlevel staffer and then, all of a sudden, she’s the greatest lobbyist on the East Coast?” said Bobby Jackson, the publisher of a small newspaper in Jersey City, who supported Glenn Cunningham, the former mayor of Jersey City, a political opponent of Mr. Menendez.
    The tale of her swift success, however, is complicated by the widespread belief among elected officials and political consultants in Hudson County and former members of Mr. Menendez’s staff that she and the congressman had a romantic relationship.

    LiCausi started K.L. Strategies after helping Menendez win reelection “in a typical landslide for him.” K.L. Strategies consists of LiCausi and one associate. With an influx of clients with connections to Menendez, LiCausi’s infant firm was making lots of money, and still making money as a paid political consultant and fund-raiser for Menendez.

    Between allegations of a romantic relationship between Menendez and LiCausi, and the virtual overnight success of her company which made her hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients with close connections to Menendez, it is quite clear that New Jersey is losing one corrupt Senator only to gain another…

    Corzine Broke Rules With Tax Treaty Vote

    by Matt Margolis :: October 4, 2005 4:24 PM

    Last month it was reported that Senator Jon Corzine “voted to give himself and a select set of fellow millionaire investors a lucrative tax break from their controversial takeover of a Japanese bank.” This vote violates Senate ethics rules, and last Friday, two Princeton public interest lawyers have filed an ethics complaint against him.

    The complaint submitted to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics alleges that Corzine concealed his financial interest in Shinsei Bank Ltd. of Japan to fellow members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in March 2004 when it unanimously recommended that the full Senate ratify the new treaty.

    The treaty, approved by the Senate later that month, includes a narrowly crafted clause exempting a select group of Americans from taxation in Japan on profits they made from investing in banks bailed out by the Japanese government.

    This is the second ethics complaint filed against him

    Corzine Fundraiser Attended By Attorneys Restricted From Donating to NJ Campaigns

    by Matt Margolis :: October 4, 2005 2:36 PM

    Considering Jon Corzine is in for a tough election fight for Governor of New Jersey, this can’t possibly help:

    A political fund-raiser headlined by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jon Corzine included a half-dozen attorneys barred under state law from giving to New Jersey campaigns, according to a published report.

    The Star-Ledger of Newark reported in Saturday newspapers that the lawyers, prevented from giving under the state’s recently enacted “pay-to-play” law, were able to enjoy seared tuna and jicama cabbage slaw with Corzine because their checks were to the Democratic National Committee, not the candidate.

    The fund-raiser last Tuesday at a posh Manhattan restaurant raised $2 million for the national committee.

    The Corzine campaign expects the DNC to pour as much as $2 million to $3 million in New Jersey before the Nov. 8 election.

    Other notables at Tuesday’s event included DNC Chairman Howard Dean, former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerry and Vernon Jordan, a confidant of former President Bill Clinton.

    Corzine damage control: Tom Shea, Corzine’s senior adviser, said state contractors’ donations made up only a “small fraction” of the money that was raised. Does that make violating state law okay? For Democrats, yes.

    There Must Be Something In The Water In Jersey

    by Matt Margolis :: September 1, 2005 5:53 PM

    Another Democrat gets caught…

    An ethics complaint alleging Sen. Jon Corzine failed to disclose a $470,000 mortgage loan in 2002 to his then-girlfriend, a powerful state union boss, was filed Thursday with the Senate Ethics Committee by a public interest attorney.

    The New Jersey Democrat forgave the loan in 2004, just days before he announced he was running for governor of New Jersey. Corzine, who made millions when he was CEO of Goldman Sachs, later received the union’s endorsement.

    The last time the committee investigated a senator was in 2002, when New Jersey Democrat Robert Torricelli was accused of violating ethics rules by accepting gifts without disclosing them. The panel ultimately admonished Torricelli, and he dropped his re-election bid.

    “Robert Torricelli was caught taking bribes and not disclosing them and Jon Corzine has been caught giving bribes and not disclosing them,” said Carl Mayer, the New Jersey public interest lawyer who filed the complaint.

    Must be a New Jersey Democrat thing…

  3. Elaine Says:

    WHO is behind the Barack Obama for President

    …….. GE ….and a gaggle of other corporate elitists.

    Are a lot of working class Americans Bitter?

    Well, they SHOULD be: Another GE candidate for President (SOLD to the public by the Corporate-Controlled “Mainstream MEDIA)…Ronald Reagan…began the MASSIVE Robbery of the American people that has continued to this day.

    About every day the TV Talking heads say: “The Rich are getting richer and everybody else is getting poorer”

    …& You’d Think…after nearly 30 years the NEWS People would FINALLY ASK: (& Answer) WHY?

    The answer is simple: Reagan cut the top tax rate down from the 70%’s to the low 30%’s.

    (If you made $100 million & your tax rate was 70% you would pay $70 million to Uncle Sam & keep $30 million…earning interest, or dividends THE NEXT YEAR on that $30 million. If, instead, you paid $30 million in taxes and KEPT $70 million-You’d make a lot MORE money the next year on that $70 million)

    Simple: tax the rich a lot less AND they damn sure WILL get a whole lot richer a whole lot faster. There was 2 PARTS to Reaganomics tho. The second part was: “The Two-Tier Wage Structure”

    i.e. Pay the Top level “executives” a Whole LOT MORE; Pay everybody else a Whole LOT LESS. (Newspapers & TV in the early 80’s had articles & coverage of the “Two-Tier Wage Structure” that CORPORATE America trotted out IN CONCERT with Reagan’s election & tax cuts.)

    IF its CORPORATE POLICY to PAY Everybody else a WHOLE LOT LESS-everybody else is going to get-a whole lot poorer…huh?

    a. It was deliberate. b. Its been going on for nearly 30 years.

    Next Question: Is Obama likely to fix it?
    Answer: Hell No. Because THE SAME PEOPLE are running him for President – The SAME WAY they got Reagan/ Bush1 / Bush2 elected: MEDIA PROPAGANDA.

    GE owns MSNBC & NBC. AOL Time Warner owns CNN. Westinghouse owns CBS. (GE is the 2nd largest corporation on the planet). They have interlocking directorships. THEY ARE the Corporate-Controllers of the Corporate-Controlled Media.

    MSNBC/NBC have become the CHIEF propaganda mouthpieces of the Obama Pushers (BOPN-Barack Obama Propaganda Networks)-just like FOX has been the the Bush Propaganda Network all these years.

    There are no more Journalists, no more NEWS People. They have all become court jesters & clowns doing their bit to please their corporate masters..Top Level..PAID A WHOLE LOT MORE—Media whores.

    Here’s a glimpse of ONE of the $Billions of TAXPAYER-RIPOFF-Reasons GE wants to “elect” Obama President: GE & Westinghouse are in the business of building nuclear power plants. GE & Westinghouse are planning to reap BILLIONS in RISK-FREE Profits from building those nukes, AND, from the $High Dollar electricity rates those nukes will produce. ( They’re planning to build one of those nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania.)

    The Cheney Energy Bill passed in 2005 – made it possible for the nuclear industry to begin planning to build 29 new nuclear power plants (licensing hearings are already scheduled for the first few of them).

    No new nuke plants were built for 30 years because the banks wouldn’t loan the money – too risky. The Cheney Energy Bill solved that problem by Guaranteeing TAXPAYER PAYBACK of any of the nuke loans that default (The Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default at 50% or greater)

    Obama voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill. Clinton voted against. Clinton says her Energy plan does not include nuclear & if they want to be considered they will have to FIRST Make it Cheaper and find a safe way to dispose of the nuke waste.

    McCain, this week on the Campaign trail said…we just have to face it we need to start building new, “CLEAN”, nuclear power plants.

    i.e. The Corporate Elitists are running OBAMA AND McCain for President.

    (“Getting off coal to go to nuclear is like giving up cigarettes to take up smoking crack”.)

  4. Hugo Says:

    Has trenton finally lost it?
    Everyone know NJ is the Garden State, only to close the agricultural dept in Trenton (Oxy-moron?).
    The interesting point is that NJ has an estimated 8 million in population, which makes it the largest state per sqr/mile. And we continue to have financial issues in the government. It is said that NJ recieves an estimated 61 cents on the dollar for every dollar spent to the Federal Govt (Wikipedia – “New Jersey”). That is the near the lowest in the union. Where is the other 39 cents going? New York and PA have higher returns from what they recieve back from the Federal Govt than NJ does. With all the taxes this state pushes on the population and the revenue from Atlantic City / Lottery system / Toll roads / gas taxes / State income tax , just to name a few.
    Now we want to close the parks?
    Does Trenton have any idea what it will take to reopen the parks in the future? Where are the childern to play, in the streets?

    People what it comes down to is that NJ is just to heavy with rich politicians who will do anything to keep the their job, and not do what is right. What is right is yes trim the fat, where it makes sense, but not where the current Governer is trying to do. NJ has become very corrupt. With all these proposal to cut spending. It still amazes me that we still see shopping malls, new stadiums and so forth continue to be built. And lets be straight no one will build a new mall or a new stadium without some sort of tax break from Trenton. But we are not willing to give tax breaks on companies coming into NJ. There has not been a large manufacturer to move in NJ in over 10yrs. Everyone is moving out do to the costs to live and do business in NJ. This is just madness, we need someone the office that is normal person with no friends in Govt or a person with a level mind that do wht is right. Not a rich person that may or may not have gotten their money from their parents thru inheritance.

    Its time to take back our state, and do whats right !

  5. Hugo Says:

    Has anyone found out where all the money from the casinos taxes, lottery system, highway + bridge tolls, tobacco product taxes, fuel taxes, land taxes, state sales taxes, energy taxes, etc.

    Wake up NJ and smell the corruption in Trenton. We continue to pay more taxes and tolls then any other state.

    Can some explain to me why do the homeowners have to submit for a Homestead Rebate? Yes tax relief is a wonderful thing. But could we not just recieve out rebate when we submit our taxes on April 15th? That would save the state of NJ the following not in any particular order:

    1) Save trees or recycleable paper
    2) Postage for mailing the forms.
    3) State employees time in processing when the forms are
    mailed in.
    4) Garbage landfill space for the forms and checks .
    5) Energy for the computers and machinery to process the
    6) $$ in interest on recieving you rebate up front.
    7) Less state employees to help in processing for the call in
    8) Computer database space savings
    9) State recieving the cancelled checks back after the checks are cashed, more garbage paper.
    10) State account firm to verify the checks have been cashed.

    So lets says its around $50 – $80 per processed rebate check per household home owner filing taxes. The state pays aproximately 10%+ per average check just to process a rebate check, not including the enviromental factor. Sounds logically to me, why NJ is always having funding issues. Recieve the rebate up front while filing for our taxes would save a ton of money. HELLO TRENTON —wake up !

    How about another thing if Corzine is really up to cutting the budget in NJ. Why not take a 100% pay cut as Govenor, he’s a MILLIONAIRE anyway. Top all, for go your govermental pentition and insurance when you are voted out in the next election. Yes its not a lot of money, but hey everyone is else tighting their belt already, why not the Governor also?

    Corzine how about using our State Police for other duties other than your drivers to which you authorize to speed around NJ.

    Has anyone heard about the energy rebate for going with solar power for a home or business? NJ promotes that the state provides nearly 40 – 60% rebate on new solar panel installations. The rebates are very difficult to get from the state with all the forms you have to fill out. If it was that good of a rebate program why isn’t everyone putting solar up in their homes and businesses? Yes its expensive but the rebate program is there to help with the common person to install the solar panels. Go figure another program from Trenton is not worth the paper its written on.

    Also, just the thought of your friend Queen Hillary Clinton getting into office only to find a position for you in her court if she wins the election, awefully scary.

    I am going to leave you with another scary thought.

    I live in Hunterdon County, formally a very rual county. The Philadelphia enquirer wrote an article that average Hunterdon County household had a hosehold income of over $91k. That includes dual and single household income households. The amount of $91k is only out done by two other counties in the US one in Virginia(Near Washington DC, and a county in California.). That is insane you nearly need to making near $100k a year just to survive in Hunterdon County with all its taxes and so fourth. Go figure……

    Any ideas on how to get off this crazy train? Because apparently Corzine does not care about the people who voted him into office. Also does anyone admit they actually voted for this guy, I wouldn’t admit if I did. Thank god I did not vote for him.

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