Our tax dollars at work: Union City school bus drivers are paid 6 hours of overtime each month to charge their cell phones.

  • One bus driver in the 05-06 school year earned $73,125 in overtime, which accounted for 237% of the driver’s base pay. In other words, the driver earned over $100,000 in wages that year.
  • $32,302 was sent to a DC law firm to help the district secure grants
  • Taxpayers spent $9,268 for hotel expenses incurred for an out-of-state administrative retreat.
  • A “Cocktail Dinner” for 50 people at the Old Tapas Restaurant — $1,150. “Food for staff.”
  • $2,268 to the Sheraton Edison Hotel back in February 2005, which paid the tab for students and two teachers. According to the audit report, no agenda was found and they were unable to determine the purpose or necessity of the trip.

There’s more and DOE commissioner Lucille Davy is to – she better – get grilled today.

Read the article here from our friends at NJ101.5


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