Corzine Cosa Nostra: Direct appointees – some don’t even live in NJ

18 different commissions, Councils, Board of Trustees,task (FREE CUBA TASK FORCE – HUH?) forces and Board of Directors – a total of 52 individuals were directly appointed by the Gov. last week…

Welcome to The Corzine Cosa Nostra

From our friends at In the


It’s the little things in government that start to add up and turn into big dollar items. It’s the commissions, boards and councils that government creates – many times for good purposes – too often for pure political base feeding. Each of theses entities needs to be staffed and stationary printed and all the other things that go with the care and feeding of them.

Just last week, the Office of the Governor sent out a release announcing his direct appointments to some of these entities. Direct appointment means no oversight by the Senate. The list consisted of 18 different commissions, councils, Board of Trustees, task forces and Board of Directors. In total he appointed 52 individuals. As has been this Governor’s practice, not all are from New Jersey. Madelyn Geisser Rumowicz was appointed to the Financial Policy Review Board – whatever that is? Sounds at least impressive. Ms. Rumowicz is from Wakefield, Rhode Island. Has anyone looked at Rhode Island’s financial condition? Proportioned to its’ size and population, its’ in worse shape than we are. Lucky for Ms. Rumowicz, that the Governor’s 800% toll hike didn’t go through, or she would have had to review her own financial situation. Can you believe that she has some special talent, skill or knowledge that no one in New Jersey possesses?

The entity we found most interesting was the Free Cuba Task Force. Now we believe that a free democratic Cuba is a worthy goal. However, what the heck business does a state have talking about, and taking action, with respect to a serious and delicate international problem? We know we have the Battleship New Jersey, itching to get back onto the high seas. But come on, what are this task force’s goals? Even its name sounds war like – “Free Cuba”. Who was the genius who decided to call it a “Task Force”? Sounds like a naval group. Couldn’t they have called it something less militant, like – Cuba Review and Analysis Committee – It would still beg the question of what it is supposed to accomplish, but at least it sounds less threatening.

Seriously, what is this task force about? Could it simply be, that outside of the Miami area, New Jersey has the largest Cuban population in the country, and they are a core component of the Democratic Party? Nah! The task force must have been established for loftier ideals.

We will know that we are in deep doo-doo, when we hear Corzine referred to as El Commandantè.

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