Senate Environment Committee will discuss creating a new $150 million tax on water yesterday – May 7th, also known as NJ’s Tax Freedom day (the day we finally earn enough money to pay off our total tax bill.  I guess the Democrats don;t like May 7th).

I was wondering what I can be taxed on next…  Thank you Trenton!

Assemblyman Jay Webber, Chairman of the Taxpayer Protection Caucus in the Assembly, yesterday issued this statement on New Jersey’s Tax Freedom Day, the day when New Jerseyans finally have earned enough money to pay off their total tax bill for the year.  New Jersey’s Tax Freedom Day is the second worst — that is, latest — in the entire country.  But it was announced that the Senate Environment Committee will discuss creating a new $150 million tax on water.

Assemblyman Webber stated:  “On the day that New Jerseyans finally have paid for their share of government and can start working for their families, it is sad irony that Democrats start pushing their new water tax on households.  They already have made New Jersey unaffordable by taxing our homes, our work, our cars, our TVs, our phones, our cigarettes, our gas, our electricity, and our drinks, among other things.  Now they want to tax our water.  What will they tax next — our air?”

“This year, the average New Jerseyan already has spent 127 long days — well more than 4 months — working just to pay his or her total tax burden.  Crushing taxes are forcing our families, friends, and neighbors to flee to other states — and the only thing the Democrats can think to do is to find new burdens to heap on us,” said Assemblyman Webber.

“The commitment of the Taxpayer Protection Caucus is to make New Jersey more affordable by opposing any tax increases and  lightening the load on New Jersey’s already-overtaxed citizens.  We want our State to be a place where people want to live, not a place they need to leave,” stated Assemblyman Webber.


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