COAH Killing Economic Development And Job Growth

Senator Phil Haines, Assemblywoman Dawn Addiego and Assemblyman Scott Rudder issued the following statement regarding reports published in the Courier Post that local officials canceled an economic development project in Evesham, Burlington County, due to the new quotas and fees imposed by the Council on Affordable Housing:

“This is absolutely intolerable. This new shopping center development would have provided much needed jobs and would have enabled the township to build an updated modern public works facility – at little or no cost to the taxpayer.

“Instead, the arbitrary, unfair, anti-business COAH rules would have forced local taxpayers to spend $6 million to build 37 affordable houses along with the shopping center. In light of the higher COAH fees, the project was canceled.

“The argument made by the Trenton Democrats on the floor of the Senate and General Assembly when they passed a new COAH law in June, was that the fees would cover the development costs of higher quotas. This is obviously not the case, as the cancelation of the project demonstrates.


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