Lucille Davy: Who is she protecting, the school districts, or the taxpayers?

Great quote: It is wrong for people to use those diploma mill degrees to increase their salaries,” Education Commissioner Lucille Davy told the Asbury Park Press. “But I don’t have the authority to stop them.”


From our friends at Inthelobby:

If this story weren’t so sad, and so emblematic of what is wrong with New Jersey, this would actually be quite funny.

The case involves Breyer State University, an unaccredited, online school that used to be based in Alabama until that state investigated, called it a diploma-mill and then kicked the school out of their state.

At Breyer State, you could literally buy your degree for a minimal amount of work.

Now why should we care about this in New Jersey, you ask?

Because some of our enterprising school administrators got advanced degrees at Breyer State, according to the Asbury Park Press.  And those advanced degrees usually translated into big raises for school administrators.

And those big raises meant bigger pensions.

Pensions that we ultimately pay for.

And what does our state plan to do about this?


“It is wrong for people to use those diploma mill degrees to increase their salaries,” Education Commissioner Lucille Davy told the Asbury Park Press. “But I don’t have the authority to stop them.”

She doesn’t have the authority to stop them?

Oh please.

With the 19 gazillion regulations that our state pumps out on a daily basis, we never created a regulation that says school administrators must get degrees from accredited universities in order to have that degree recognized by the state, or to have it result in salary boosts from boards of education?

That’s like saying the state would have no choice but to accept teaching degrees from matchbook cover schools.

But, if amazingly, the state of New Jersey somehow never required that administrators gets degrees from accredited universities, what’s to stop Davy from requiring it now?

She can seek an executive order.  She can issue an administrative edict. Or, if need be, she can champion legislation.

But not our education commissioner. She apparently believes in talk, rather than action.

The issue arose in recent weeks from the case of Freehold Regional School District Superintendent H. James Wasser, and two other administrators at the school district, who got advanced degrees from Breyer State University.  When the Asbury Park Press reported that Alabama found Breyer State was a “diploma mill,” the state investigated.

And instead of issuing strict new guidelines, or tough standards, Davy and company punted, and offered “suggestions” to the school district. And, even more outrageously, let Wasser’s bonus – and tuition reimbursement — from his dubious degree stand.
If the school district was competent enough to act on suggestions alone, it wouldn’t’ have granted Wasser a $2,500 raise for his degree from his make-believe school. Or reimbursed him for the tuition.
But it did. Because, as we too often learn, this is New Jersey, where common sense – and good government — goes to die.

The Asbury Park Press had two experts from Boston College and Harvard Law School review Wasser’s doctoral thesis. Their conclusion: It didn’t meet their minimum standards for academic work, and would not pass at an accredited, doctorate-granting institution.

And here’s the thing.  You know this isn’t isolated with just Wasser and the Freehold Regional School District. You know that there are more cases of this throughout the state of New Jersey – and that it’s costing taxpayers money that they shouldn’t have to spend.
The irony, of course, is that the state of New Jersey has one of the highest per pupil spending ratios in the country.  We spend billions of dollars a year on education, and Gov. Corzine just pushed a bill through the Legislature authorizing us to spend hundreds of millions more.
Yet, with all this money, somehow our state has no problem with the fact that school districts are spending part of their tax dollars on raises and salary reimbursements for advanced degrees at unaccredited schools.  It’s perfectly fine with the fact that we the overtaxed citizens of New Jersey are paying for tuition reimbursements and salary increases based on dubious degrees from unaccredited schools.
And yet we wonder where the money goes.
How many other school administrators and/or teachers have received advanced degrees from unaccredited schools? How much money is that costing the state – and taxpayers — annually in salary increases and tuition reimbursements? Where is the statewide review of all school districts?  Where are the standards? Where is the outrage?

And how does any of this help the children?

We don’t know, because all Davy is willing to do is cluck that it’s wrong, but take no action.
Who is she protecting, the school districts, or the taxpayers?
As if we had to ask.
“I feel sorry for New Jersey. Here they had an opportunity to step up to the plate, and they opted not to,” former FBI agent Allen Ezell, who investigated diploma mill fraud for 11 years, told the Asbury Park Press. “I would have thought New Jersey would have had a little more brass than that.”

Yes, Agent Ezell, New Jersey has tons of brass. As long as they using it against the taxpayer.  When it comes to upsetting the bureaucracy, not so much.


One Response to “Lucille Davy: Who is she protecting, the school districts, or the taxpayers?”

  1. eleoterio Says:

    i have worked in a so. jersey school for 13 yrs. and you know what i learned/ you dont have to have the students best interest in mind, they dont care how good you are with students or how much experience you have working with children, as long as you have a friend or family member that can get you “in” you have a great job for life you can even come right from high school and get a great job as long as a family member gets you in. so i say why are my taxes so high, so i can pay the salery of some teenager whos only experience with students is being one themselves. i have seen wonderful people that are great with students get let go & a friend of the family gets hired in her place at twice the jersey/ if you have a friend or family member working for the boe you have a great job for life no need to have any experience/new jersey-friends & family FIRST students LAST. sorry to be in so jersey/it stinks

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