Local Roaster pledges 7% of online sales to The American Cancer Society

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November 20, 2008

Gourmet Coffee and Tea company pledges 7% of online sales to The American Cancer Society.

WEST MONMOUTH, NJ – Gourmet coffee roaster Caffe-Amante of Manalapan NJ has kicked-off the holiday season with a giving spirit.

“It’s that time of year when one reflects on how they’ve been blessed, and there’s no better way to be grateful than to give back” said Bill Garcia, Proprietor of Caffe-Amante which operates out of Manalapan.

Mr. Garcia decided to commence the program on his birthday, today, and leave the program open-ended. He continued: “I figure as long as people are conscious to give us direction where they want us to donate, we’ll just keep it going. We’re blessed throughout the entire year so there’s no reason to only give during the holiday season.”

Caffe-Amante.com has designed a plan of giving where everyone that places an order through their website http://www.caffe-amante.com with the passcode ACS”, will result in a donation of 7% to the American Cancer Society.

All that’s required from the customers are the passcode; Caffe-Amante will take it from there. Not only will they send the donation, they will also email the customer when and how much was donated on their behalf for their own verification.

Additional information can be found at their blog: http://caffeamante.wordpress.com

Caffe-Amante is a small Gourmet Coffee Roaster and Tea company that roasts top grade coffee beans to order. Coffee is roasted, packaged and shipped within 24 hours so there’s no shelf life or inventory. They also sell exquisite Gourmet Teas, unique tea-pots and small gift sets.

Mr. Garcia can be reached at 732-984-1330 or by email: caffeamante@optonline.net

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