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Even California allows its people to decide on important issues AT THE POLLS – not our Gang in Trenton;  our legislators want to change the definition of marriage behind closed doors, right after election day, but before the new term.

This is an Obamanation to this countries foundations..

We challenge you to join in the mission and take a stand for the family.

This manual is designed to give you the tools you need to be involved in the policy process.

Topics include:

  • How you can be involved in the Public Policy Process
  • Getting Started
  • Take Action through communicating with media & lawmaker
  • What churches CAN and CANNOT DO
  • Marriage Minute Men Action Points
  • Instructions for signing E-Petition
  • Instructions for contacting legislators
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Mike Huckabee – on the issues. Keep this in mind when in that booth on Super Tuesday.

(…and while your at it, at the bottom is a new AP article out today:

Romney’s economic claims challenged)

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A Voter’s guide…

1. With ten-and-a-half years of experience running state government, Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas has more relevant executive experience than any candidate in the race – either Republican or Democrat.

2. Recognized and tapped by his peers for leadership, the National Governor’s Association selected Governor Huckabee as it’s Chairman.

3. TIME Magazine honored him as one of the five best Governors in America.

4. Governor Huckabee is a fiscal conservative who cut taxes almost 100 times in the state of Arkansas, including the state’s first broad-based tax cuts, and turned a $200 million deficit into an $850 million surplus.

1. TAXES/ECONOMY –Governor Huckabee supports The FairTax because it will restore the “Made in America” label, making American goods 12-25% more competitive, boosting economic growth, increasing our exports, and securing American jobs. It also prevents criminals or illegal aliens from avoiding taxes, and makes the taxes we all pay 100% transparent.

2. GOVERNMENT SPENDING – Governor Huckabee is committed to reducing government spending. One way he’ll do this is by reducing the cost of welfare. Governor Huckabee will work with states to reduce welfare roles through programs like the one he implemented in Arkansas, which reduced welfare roles by 50%.

3. HEALTH CARE –Governor Huckabee will implement a consumer-based healthcare system that emphasizes preventative medicine and wellness. Because 70% of our $2 trillion dollar healthcare costs is spent treating chronic, preventable diseases, this approach will make healthcare more affordable for everybody while keeping us healthier.

4. FAMILY VALUES –Governor Huckabee supports a federal constitutional amendment to protect the right to life. He Successfully fought for Arknasas’ marriage amendment and strongly supports a similar, federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

5. IMMIGRATION –Governor Huckabee will secure the border (with physical barriers, electronic surveillance, and more border-patrol personnel and detention facilities). He will also end sanctuary cities and increase penalties on, and enforcement against, employers who hire illegal immigrants. Governor Huckabee will make sure the border patrol has adequate funding to end our “catch and release” system so that everyone caught trying to enter illegally, overstaying their visa, or committing a crime will be held until they’re tried, convicted, and deported. Gov. Huckabee has also signed the Numbers USA “No Amnesty” Pledge.

6. WAR ON TERROR AND IRAQ – Governor Huckabee knows it takes a large, well-equipped military to ensure our national defense and to deter conventional military confrontations. He also knows we need large, well-equipped intelligence and Special Forces operations for our national offense – so we can effectively find and eliminate terrorist threats at home or abroad. Governor Huckabee will be a Commander in Chief who knows that IF WE HAVE TO FIGHT A WAR, our President has to fight it the way our GENERALS tell him it can be won, not the way we want it to be won.

7. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE –Governor Huckabee will implement a program to end the import of foreign oil in the next ten years by increasing domestic oil production in the short term, and then replacing oil-based energy infrastructure with alternative and renewable energies.

8. CLEMENCIES – Arkansas Governors grant clemency, but the parole board grants parole. Wayne DuMond’s parole was granted by the board and NOT Governor Huckabee.

9. TAXES –When Governor Huckabee left office, the tax rates remained exactly the same as when he first came into office. Governor Huckabee returned almost $400 million to Arkansas taxpayers, and he also DOUBLED the standard deduction for individuals and married couples, DOUBLED the childcare tax credit, and eliminated the marriage penalty. He also repealed capital gains taxes for home sales, lowered the capital gains rate by 25%, expanded the homestead exemption, and set up tax-free savings accounts for medical care and college tuition. Gov. Huckabee has also signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s pledge not to raise taxes.

• Lifetime member of the NRA, member for over 15 years
• First Governor to have concealed-carry permit
• Removed restrictions on carry permit holders
• Protected gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits
• Opposes reauthorization of the Assault Weapon Ban
• Opposes expansion of the unconstitutional “Brady Bill”
• Opposes waiting period for purchase of firearms
• Opposes background checks on private firearms transactions at gun shows
• Will nominate judges who interpret the constitution as the Founders intended, rather than as a “living document reflecting current political trends or opinions”
• An avid hunter and conservationist, and a member of the Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation and BASS


Political news

By STEVE LeBLANC Associated Press Writer
© 2008 The Associated Press

BOSTON — It’s part of Mitt Romney’s core narrative: Massachusetts, in the throes of a fiscal freefall, fell back on his CEO skills and turnaround wizardry to spark — in his words — “a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and a period of sustained economic expansion.”

It’s a rosy opinion of Massachusetts’ economy that few in the state share. Instead, observers say, the state’s recovery from a disastrous 2001 recession has been tepid at best, and Romney gives himself more credit than deserved on job creation and balancing the state budget.

Romney says that by the time he left office, the unemployment rate in Massachusetts was lower and the state had recovered nearly 80,000 jobs from the low point of the recession.

A fuller look reveals a state still struggling to recoup the jobs washed away in the recession, while much of the rest of the country has already sailed past pre-recession highs.

According to state unemployment numbers, the net number of jobs added during the four years Romney was in office was 24,400 a fraction of the total of about 200,000 lost during the recession.

Although the number of new jobs steadily climbed during Romney’s four years in office — from a loss of 54,700 in his first year to a gain of 34,700 in his final year — most of the rest of the country rebounded much faster.

Massachusetts is one of just six states that hasn’t added back all the jobs lost during the recession.

“Our losses were steeper, and our gains have been slower and as an end result we are still nearly 100,000 jobs down,” said Dana Ansel, research director for the Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, a nonpartisan think tank.

The state’s unemployment numbers also showed little movement during Romney’s tenure.

In December 2002, as Romney prepared to step into office, Massachusetts unemployment rate stood at 5.6 percent, slightly lower than the national unemployment rate of 6 percent.

By December 2006 — Romney’s last full month in office — national unemployment had fallen to just 4.5 percent while Massachusetts unemployment numbers had inched down to 5.2 percent.

“We’ve had a very slow economic recovery and we’ve trailed most of the rest of the nation,” said Michael Widmer, president of the business-backed Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. “It’s not the turnaround he’s advertised.”

Another key Romney claim was that he was able — through a mix of spending cuts and fiscal discipline — to close a nearly $3 billion budget gap he inherited as he walked into office.

While fiscal watchdogs also pegged the budget gap at about $3 billion, they point out that Romney also inherited something else — revenues from a massive $1.1 billion package of tax increases passed by the Democrat-controlled state Legislature the year before he took office.

A spike in revenues in his first year in office helped cut that deficit nearly in half.

“He was lucky. He dodged a bullet,” said David Tuerck, executive director of the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. “If he was in office a year earlier, he would have faced a very difficult choice.”

Another of Romney’s key, and most contested, economic claims is that he was able to close the $3 billion hole without raising taxes or increasing debt.

Critics have been quick to point out that while Romney opposed any broad-based taxes, he hiked business taxes by about $300 million by closing so-called tax “loopholes” — and would have raised even more until pressure from business leaders forced him to cut one of the proposed loophole closings in half.

He also pushed through a broad series of new and higher fees that brought in an additional $260 million during his first year.

Observers say Romney can claim some legitimate fiscal successes — vetoing spending increases, fighting against tax increases, and helping lure some businesses to Massachusetts, including a new facility being built by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The economy when Mitt Romney left was clearly not where any of us wanted it to be, but it was headed in the right direction,” said state Rep. Brad Jones, the Republican leader in the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts House and a supporter of Romney. “Clearly it’s accurate that the economy turned around from where it was and where it was headed.”

But many in Massachusetts, including business leaders, say they see in Romney’s legacy a history of missed opportunities.

When he was running for governor, Romney pledged to be the state’s salesman-in-chief, luring companies to the struggling state.

That role shifted as he eyed a run for president and tried to distance himself from Massachusetts’ liberal reputation.

“Unfortunately, he spent a lot of time out of state and as his preliminary campaign started he spent a lot of time badmouthing and making fun of the state,” said Brian Gilmore, executive vice president of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, which represents 7,000 businesses and employers.

“I certainly didn’t think that helped,” he said.


Hillary Clinton on Immigration – will the real Hillary please stand up?

My prior posting (see it here – On the Issues: Hillary Clinton on immigration)

paints a different Hillary – aaah, likely the one she wants the country to think is really her. My question is – WHY HAS SHE NOT BEEN QUESTIONED ON THIS ONE??

So incase you missed it, which you likely did, you can read the real Hillary on immigration here, and read about the real Hillary at

Hillary’s San Francisco Treat

Hillary’s National Co-Chair Signs Legislation Giving Benefits To Illegal Immigrants

As Hillary Travels To California, Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor And Sen. Clinton’s National Co-Chair, Signs Plan To Issue IDs To Illegal Immigrants:

“San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Signed Legislation Wednesday Requiring The City To Issue Identification Cards To Illegal Immigrants And Other Residents Who Can’t Or Won’t Apply For Driver’s Licenses.” (“San Fran OKs ID Card for Immigrants,” The Associated Press, 11/29/07)

  • Mayor Newsom’s Spokesman, Nathan Ballard: “The Mayor Strongly Believes That This Identification Card Should Be Extended To All San Franciscans, Regardless Of Their Immigration Status …” (Wyatt Buchanan, “Supervisor Ammiano Drafting Legislation For ID Card For Illegals,” San Francisco Chronicle, 9/7/07)
  • Newsom: “I Don’t Think It’s That Big Of A Deal …” (“San Fran OKs ID Card for Immigrants,” The Associated Press, 11/29/07)

Newsom Is Hillary’s National Co-Chair. “The Clinton Campaign announced the endorsement of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom … Mayor Newsom … join[s] the campaign as a National Co-Chair.” (Hillary Clinton For President, “San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Endorses Hillary Clinton: Newsom Named A National Co-Chair Of Clinton Campaign,” Press Release, 8/10/07)

Hillary Will Be In California Today. (“Hillary Rodham Clinton,” The Washington Post‘s “Campaign Tracker,”, Accessed 11/29/07)

Illegal Immigrants “Will Benefit Most,” According To The Author Of The Legislation:

“Supervisor Tom Ammiano, Who Introduced The Measure, Says Illegal Immigrants Will Benefit Most. They Will Be Able To Open Bank Accounts And Use The Card For City Services Such As Checking Out Library Books.” (Emily Bazar, “San Francisco Approves ID Cards That Exclude Gender,” USA TODAY, 11/21/07)

  • “The Supervisors Directed The City Clerk To Start Issuing The ID Cards Within Nine Months.” (Lisa Leff, “SF To Issue ID Cards To Immigrants,” The Associated Press, 11/14/07)

Newsom Is Picking Up Where Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) Left Off — Just Last Month, Sen. Clinton Said Spitzer’s Driver’s License Plan, Made “A Lot Of Sense”:

“[A]s Spitzer Began Spreading The News That He Was Dropping His Case, Over In San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom Was Helping To Pass Very Similar Legislation.” (“Gavin Newsom, Taking Over Where Spitzer Left Off,” New York Magazine‘s “Daily Intelligencer” Blog,, 11/14/07)

“Gov. Eliot Spitzer Formally Announced … That He Would Abandon His Plan To Give Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Immigrants …” (Nicholas Confessore, “Spitzer Drops Bid To Offer Licenses More Widely,” The New York Times, 11/14/07)

  • Hillary First Admitted Spitzer’s Driver’s License Proposal Made “A Lot Of Sense.” Hillary: “You know, Tim, this is where everybody plays gotcha. It [Spitzer’s plan] makes a lot of sense.” (Sen. Hillary Clinton, MSNBC Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Philadelphia, PA, 10/30/07)
  • Then, Only Two Weeks After Her Initial Response, Hillary Responded “No” To The Same Proposal. “CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “[D]o you support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants? … Senator Clinton?” Hillary: “No.” (Sen. Hillary Clinton, CNN Democrat Presidential Debate, Las Vegas, NV, 11/15/07)

Sen. Clinton Blames Federal Government For Failing On Immigration Reform — But Won’t Commit To Passing It, And Fails To Mention It On Campaign Trail:

“Clinton Said Governors Around The Nation Are Left With The Burden Because She Said The Bush Administration And The Federal Government As A Whole Have Failed To Bring About Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” (Chris Welch, “Clinton ‘Broadly Supports States’ Efforts To License Illegals,” CNN’s “Political Ticker” Blog,, 8/05/07)

But “Mrs. Clinton Did Not Commit To Passing Immigration Reform In Her First Term …” (Christina Bellantoni, “Hillary Touts Bill To Unite Illegals’ Kin,” The Washington Times, 10/4/07)

Hillary Failed To Address Immigration Reform Issue In 35-Minute Campaign Speech. “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told potential caucusgoers … that immigration reform begins with border security, broaching the issue only after she was questioned about it by an audience member.” (Abby Simons, “Clinton Questioned On Immigration Reform In Perry,” The Des Moines Register, 11/25/07)

  • An Audience Member “Posed The Question [About Immigration Reform] … And Was Somewhat Surprised It Wasn’t Brought Up In Clinton’s 35-Minute Speech That Ran The Gamut From Global Warming To Health Care.” (Abby Simons, “Clinton Questioned On Immigration Reform In Perry,” The Des Moines Register, 11/25/07)


Huckabee on the issues: The Secure America Plan

Look at in conjunction with the Huckabee on the Issues: Immigration post right here

Immigration: The Secure America Plan

A 9-Point Strategy for Immigration Enforcement and Border Security

Overview: Implement a broad-based strategy that commits the resources of the federal government to the enforcement of our immigration laws and results in the attrition of the illegal immigrant population.

1. Build the Fence

  • Ensure that an interlocking surveillance camera system is installed along the border by July 1, 2010.
  • Ensure that the border fence construction is completed by July 1, 2010.

2. Increase Border Patrol

  • Increase the number of border patrol agents.
  • Fully support all law enforcement personnel tasked with enforcing immigration law.

3. Prevent Amnesty

  • Policies that promote or tolerate amnesty will be rejected.
  • Propose to provide all illegal immigrants a 120-day window to register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and leave the country. Those who register and return to their home country will face no penalty if they later apply to immigrate or visit; those who do not return home will be, when caught, barred from future reentry for a period of 10 years.

4. Enforce the Law on Employers

  • Employment is the chief draw for most illegal immigrants and denying them jobs is the centerpiece of an attrition strategy.
  • Impose steep fines and penalties on employers that violate the law.
  • Institute a universal, mandatory citizenship verification system as part of the normal hiring process.
  • Prevent the IRS and the Social Security Administration from accepting fraudulent Social Security numbers or numbers that don’t match the employees’ names.*

5. Establish an Economic Border

  • Move toward passage of the FairTax.
  • The FairTax provides an extra layer of security by creating an economic disincentive to immigrate to the U.S. illegally.

6. Empower Local Authorities

  • Promote better cooperation on enforcement by supporting legislative measures such as the CLEAR Act, which aims to systematize the relationship between local law and federal immigration officials.
  • Encourage immigration-law training for police. Local authorities must be provided the tools, training, and funding they need so local police can turn illegal immigrants over to the federal authorities.

7. Ensure Document Security

  • End exemptions for Mexicans and Canadians to the US-VISIT program, which tracks the arrival and departure of foreign visitors. Since these countries account for the vast majority of foreigners coming here (85 percent), such a policy clearly violates Congress’ intent in mandating this check-in/check-out system.
  • Reject Mexico’s “matricula consular” card, which functions as an illegal-immigrant identification card.

8. Discourage Dual Citizenship

  • Inform foreign governments when their former citizens become naturalized U.S. citizens.
  • Impose civil and/or criminal penalties on American citizens who illegitimately use their dual status (e.g., using a foreign passport, voting in elections in both a foreign country and the U.S.).

9. Modernize the Process of Legal Immigration

  • Eliminate the visa lottery system and the admission category for adult brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens.
  • Increase visas for highly-skilled and highly-educated applicants.
  • Expedite processing for those who serve honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Improve our immigration process so that those patiently and responsibly seeking to come here legally will not have to wait decades to share in the American dream. Governor Huckabee has always been grateful to live in a country that people are trying to break into, rather than break out of.

*This policy will be drafted to comply with the final federal court decisions on this issue.

Note: This plan is partially modeled on a proposal by Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies. (“Re: Immigration: Ten Points for a Successful Presidential Candidate,” National Review, May 23, 2005.)

On the issues: Hillary Clinton on immigration

Highlights of Hillary’s comments and voting on the issue.


Click here for a comprehensive review and understanding of these immigration issues

  • Oppose granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. (Nov 2007) (is that your final answer? NOT REALLY: CLICK HERE)

  • FactCheck: Denied saying licensing illegals “made sense”. (Oct 2007)
  • Immigrant license issue needs federal action on reform. (Oct 2007)
  • More border patrolling on both Mexican AND Canadian borders. (Sep 2007)
  • Immigration reform needs family unification as one goal. (Sep 2007)
  • Anti-immigrant bill would have criminalized Jesus Christ. (Sep 2007)
  • Sanctuary cities ok; local police can’t enforce immigration. (Sep 2007)
  • Opposes illegal immigration, but doesn’t vote to follow up. (Jun 2007)
  • Making English official imperils crises needing translators. (Jun 2007)
  • Comprehensive reform to get 12 million out of shadows. (Apr 2007)
  • Keep New York-Ontario border passport-free for tourism. (Oct 2006)
  • Voted YES on comprehensive immigration reform. (Jun 2007)
  • Voted NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government. (Jun 2007)
  • Voted YES on eliminating the “Y” nonimmigrant guestworker program. (May 2007)
  • Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)
  • Voted YES on establishing a Guest Worker program. (May 2006)
  • Voted YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security. (May 2006)
  • Voted YES on giving Guest Workers a path to citizenship. (May 2006)

On the issues: Hillary Clinton on Abortion

Do we really want our next Commander-in-Chief to have this kind of philosophy and voting record? What kind of character does this candidate portray with a record like this?

All this information can be found at as well as

Lift ban on stem cell research to cure devastating diseases

Source: Take Back America 2007 Conference Jun 20, 2007

Fought for years to get “Plan B” contraceptive on the market

Source: 2006 intro to It Takes A Village, by H. Clinton, p.301 Dec 12, 2006

Prevention First Act: federal funds for contraception

In 2006 Hillary teamed up with nominally pro-life Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and pushed to increase federal funding to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood in order to “increase awareness” about unintended pregnancies.

Source: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, by Amanda Carpenter, p. 96-97 Oct 11, 2006

Late term abortion only if life or health are at risk

Source: Senate debate in Manhattan Oct 8, 2000

Hillary Clinton on Voting Record

    Hillary’s votes all echo the liberal line in the Senate

  • She opposed the ban on partial birth abortions
  • She came down against criminalizing harm to a fetus during an attack on the mother
  • She opposed a travel ban to Cuba
  • She opposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage
  • She backed extending the ban on assault rifles for 10 years
  • She was against Bush’s tax cuts
  • She opposed repealing the estate tax
  • She opposed limits on class action lawsuits.

Source: Condi vs. Hillary, by Dick Morris, p. 85-86 Oct 11, 2005

Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines.

Allows federal funding for research that utilizes human embryonic stem cells, regardless of the date on which the stem cells were derived from a human embryo, provided such embryos:

  1. have been donated from in vitro fertilization clinics;
  2. were created for the purposes of fertility treatment;
  3. were in excess of the needs of the individuals seeking such treatment and would otherwise be discarded; and
  4. were donated by such individuals with written informed consent and without any financial or other inducements.

Reference: Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act; Bill S.5 & H.R.3 ; vote number 2007-127 on Apr 11, 2007


Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions.

This bill prohibits taking minors across State lines in circumvention of laws requiring the involvement of parents in abortion decisions.

Reference: Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act; Bill S.403 ; vote number 2006-216 on Jul 25, 2006


Voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives.

A YES vote would:

  • Increase funding and access to family planning services
  • Funds legislation that requires equitable prescription coverage for contraceptives under health plans
  • Funds legislation that would create and expand teen pregnancy prevention programs and education programs concerning emergency contraceptives

Reference: Appropriation to expand access to preventive health care services; Bill S.Amdt. 244 to S Con Res 18 ; vote number 2005-75 on Mar 17, 2005

Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime.



Bill would make it a criminal offense to harm or kill a fetus during the commission of a violent crime. The measure would set criminal penalties, the same as those that would apply if harm or death happened to the pregnant woman, for those who harm a fetus.

Reference: Unborn Victims of Violence Act; Bill S.1019/HR.1997 ; vote number 2004-63 on Mar 25, 2004

Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life.

Vote to pass a bill banning a medical procedure, which is commonly known as “partial-birth” abortion.

Reference: Bill S.3 ; vote number 2003-51 on Mar 12, 2003

Recommended by EMILY’s List of pro-choice women.

Clinton is endorsed by EMILY’s list, a pro-choice PAC:

EMILY’s List operates as a donor network, recommending pro-choice Democratic women candidates to its members, who contribute directly to the candidates they choose. In the 1999-2000 election cycle, EMILY’s List members contributed $9.3 million to pro-choice Democratic women candidates. In its 16-year history, EMILY’s List has helped to elect four women governors, eleven women to the United States Senate and 53 women to the U.S. House of Representatives. “Women continue to be the power players in Democratic politics,” said Ellen R. Malcolm, president of EMILY’s List. “In 2002, redistricting could result in as many as 75 open seats, creating multiple opportunities to recruit and elect pro-choice Democratic women.” Source: Press Release on Diane Watson (CA-32) victory 01-EL1 on Apr 11, 2001

Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record.

Clinton scores 100% by NARAL on pro-choice voting record

For over thirty years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been the political arm of the pro-choice movement and a strong advocate of reproductive freedom and choice. NARAL Pro-Choice America’s mission is to protect and preserve the right to choose while promoting policies and programs that improve women’s health and make abortion less necessary. NARAL Pro-Choice America works to educate Americans and officeholders about reproductive rights and health issues and elect pro-choice candidates at all levels of government. The NARAL ratings are based on the votes the organization considered most important; the numbers reflect the percentage of time the representative voted the organization’s preferred position. Source: NARAL website 03n-NARAL on Dec 31, 2003

Expand embryonic stem cell research.

Clinton signed a letter from 58 Senators to the President Source: Letter from 58 Senators to the President 04-SEN8 on Jun 4, 2004

All the information on this page and more can be found at right here


Huckabee on the issues: Immigration

I will be posting Governor Huckabee’s stances on the issues that mean the most to us. Please read it in its entirety, and compare with the other candidates.

I start with… Immigration

You can read this at Mike’s page right here

  • Securing our borders must be our top priority and has reached the level of a national emergency.
  • I support the $3 billion the Senate has voted for border security. This money will train and deploy 23,000 more agents, add four drone planes, build 700 miles of fence and 300 miles of vehicle barriers, and put up 105 radar and camera towers. This money will turn “catch and release” into “catch and detain” of those entering illegally, and crack down on those who overstay their visas.
  • In this age of terror, immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue. Those caught trying to enter illegally must be detained, processed, and deported. As Governor, I ordered my state troopers to work with the Department of Homeland Security to arrest illegals and enforce federal immigration law.
  • I oppose and will never allow amnesty. I opposed the amnesty President Bush and Senator McCain tried to ram through Congress this summer, and opposed the misnamed DREAM Act, which would have put us on the slippery slope to amnesty for all.
  • I oppose and will not tolerate sanctuaries for illegals. The federal government must crack down on rogue cities that willfully undermine our economy and national security.
  • I oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegals and supports legislation to prevent states from doing so. In 2005, I signed legislation that prevents illegals in Arkansas from getting driver’s licenses.
  • I will stop punishing cities which try to enforce our laws and protect the economic well-being, physical safety, and quality of life of their citizens.
  • I oppose and will not tolerate employers who hire illegals. They must be punished with fines and penalties so large that they will see it is not worth the risk.
  • I oppose the economic integration of North America that would create open borders among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. I will never yield one iota or one inch of our sovereignty.
  • I will take our country back for those who belong here. No open borders, no amnesty, no sanctuary, no false Social Security numbers, no driver’s licenses for illegals.

I know that securing our borders must be our top priority and has reached the level of a national emergency. I am as sick and tired as you are that it is harder for us to get on an airplane in our home town than it is for all these illegals to cross our international border unchallenged.

We cannot stem the tide of illegals until we turn the tide. Before you fix the damage to your house caused by a leaking roof, you have to stop the leak, which I am determined to do.

I supported the $3 billion Congress passed this summer for border security. This desperately-needed money will train and deploy 23,000 more agents, add four drone planes, build 700 miles of fence and 300 miles of vehicle barriers, and put up 105 radar and camera towers. This money will turn “catch and release” into “catch and detain” of those entering illegally and crack down on those who overstay their visas.

But where is this $3 billion? The President threatened to veto the bill it was part of! Now the Senate has again voted for this money as part of the Defense Bill. I will continue to fight until we get these funds.

In this age of terror, immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue. We must know who is coming into our country, where they are going, and why they are here. All those who are caught trying to enter illegally must be detained, processed, and deported. As Governor, I ordered my state troopers to work with the Department of Homeland Security to arrest illegals and enforce federal immigration law.

I oppose and will never allow amnesty. I passionately rejected the amnesty bill that President Bush and Sen. McCain tried to ram through Congress this summer after secret meetings of an under-the-radar cabal of amnesty-loving senators.

I opposed the misnamed DREAM Act, which was a nightmare because it would have put us on the slippery slope to amnesty for all. Because once we open that door even a crack, we’ll never get it closed again.

I oppose and will not tolerate sanctuaries for illegals. The federal government must enforce our existing laws by cracking down on rogue cities and towns that willfully undermine our economy and our homeland security by giving benefits and protection to illegals. The consequences for illegal entry must be swift, certain, and uniform throughout our country.

I oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegals, such as Governor Spitzer tried to do in New York. I support legislation that would prevent the states from granting this privilege to illegals. In 2005, I signed legislation that prevents illegals in Arkansas from getting driver’s licenses.

I will stop punishing cities which are trying to enforce our laws. I will appoint judges who will uphold the law, not side with the ACLU against cities like Hazelton, Pennsylvania, which are trying to protect the economic well-being, physical safety, and quality of life of their citizens.

I will not tolerate employers who hire illegals – they must be punished by fines and penalties so large that they will understand it is not worth the risk. Once again, as with Hazelton, liberal judges are gumming up the works. Right now, a court in San Francisco — Pelosiland – has delayed enforcement of the “no match” letters for Social Security numbers that the Department of Homeland Security will use to crack down on those who hire illegals. If illegals cannot find work, they will go back where they belong. I will do everything I can to hasten their trip home by denying them employment.

I strongly oppose the economic integration of North America that would have open borders among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. I know we must have closed and secure borders. I will never yield either one inch or one iota of our sovereignty. I will recognize no authority but our Constitution.

I will take our country back for those who belong here and those who are willing to play by the rules for the privilege to come here. No open borders, no amnesty, no sanctuary, no false Social Security numbers, no driver’s licenses for illegals.