Green to represent Manalapan GOP for Twp. Committee

After a strong turnout by County Committee members, Butch Budai and Steve Johnson, who challenged and lost last years GOP Primary to Green and Garcia, realized that they wouldn’t gain nomination during Saturday’s Candidate selection and opted to drop out of the running, declaring full support for Ryan Green as the party’s nominee.

What appears to be, at least publicly, a unifying Manalapan Republican base (it remains to be seen if what is mentioned in public, is also what is mentioned in private), the GOP can and will, finally put all its focus and resources in the November election against incumbent Democrat and Mayor, Rich Klauber.

Though a fractured and mending party, there was  a unanimously high level of commitment to bring back Conservative, fiscal responsibility to the residents of Manalapan as a Green win will put the GOP back in charge of the governing body – something that Manalapan sorely needs.


Ryan D. Green and William Garcia for Manalapan Township Committee

Green and Garcia pledge to not accept donations from special interest groups and to limit campaign signs. Democrats refuse to do the same. For more information, click here.

Green and Garcia hold candidate forums in Manalapan. Click below to see what they had to say:

To read more about the candidate forums, click here.

Biographies – Click HERE

Learn about Michelle Roth’s history of raising taxes and frivolously spending our tax dollars.

Green and garcia for Manalapan Twp. Committee

Visit Green and Garcia’s website at  

View our platform, and decide on Nov. 4th, Democrat incumbent Mayor Michelle Roth (increased spending supported by35 % increase in taxes the past 2 years amounting to $6 million) and Don Holland, or Republican’s William Garcia & Ryan Green, both supporting reduction in spending, reduction in taxes, increase open space and be pro-active with Affordable Housing. Time for change – change  that will reverse the spending increases, and will NOT have the residents pay for their Health Benefits – that  alone is a savings of $28,000 per year

Manalapan: Green, Garcia win right to run on Republican line

By Kathy Baratta at the News Transcript

The voters have spoken and in doing so whittled a field of four Republican candidates down to two who will run against a pair of Democrats in November.

There will be two seats on the Township Committee on the November ballot. The seats carry three-year terms.

Ryan Green and William Garcia defeated Kalman “Butch” Budai and Steven Johnson in the June 3 Republican primary. According to Manalapan municipal clerk RoseAnn Weeden, the final vote tally was: Green, 474 votes, Garcia, 444 votes, Budai, 378 votes, and Johnson 363 votes.

Green thanked the voters of Manalapan for their support in the primary election. He said he wanted to congratulate Johnson and Budai on a tough primary campaign.

(I’d like to echo those words- it was surely a tough campaign and they should keep their heads high!)

“Both sides gave it their all and I wanted to acknowledge that,” he said.

Green said he is “excited about the future and looking forward to the campaign in the fall; to discussing he issues and keeping the campaign positive.”

Green is currently a member of the Manalapan-Englishtown Regional School District Board of Education. If he is elected to the Township Committee in November he will have to give up his seat on the school board.

Garcia thanked voters for showing confidence in him and Green.

“I am honored that my fellow Republicans have validated the support that the Manalapan Republican County Committee showed back in March. That my finance education, my 20-plus years in financial services and my unbiased perspective on our issues will allow me to serve my community well.

“I look forward to working with my running mate Ryan Green to continue the dialogue of ways to cut waste and provide the residents with the most efficient service possible. I want to thank my township neighbors for their support during this primary, and I look forward to the next leg of this race as I represent them in November’s general election,” Garcia said.

Speaking about his and Budai’s loss, Johnson said he wanted nonetheless to address the hard work of their supporters.

“I want to thank all of our supporters for a great effort. There are too many to name, but they are all quality people who never asked for recognition in the first place. Our supporters just asked us to be honest and express their desire to change the current direction of our errant Township Committee.

“Now, I want to especially thank Butch Budai for being a stand-up guy who really cares about Manalapan like I do. There are great things in store for him in the future and I am honored to have had him as a running mate,” Johnson said.

Budai said he had no comment on the results.

Green and Garcia will face Democrats Michelle Roth and Donald Holland in the general election in November. Roth is a member of the Township Committee and is serving as Manalapan’s mayor in 2008.

Roth and Holland were not challenged in the Democratic primary. Roth received 811 votes and Holland received 799 votes
in the June 3 primary.

Manalapan: GOP Primary-VOTE COLUMN 1 – GREEN/GARCIA for County Endorsed Candidates



(Some quotes taken from Sat’s APP article by Alesha Williams Boyd)

Two local GOP County Committee nominees (Garcia and Green) and their challengers (Kalman and Johnson) face off at the polls on Tuesday. Here’s the Candidates:


Steve Johnson, 54; in the office automation service industry; wife, Helene Leeder-Johnson; member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Community Alliance; director of the Republican Club. (3rd in votes from the nominating committee)

William “Bill” Garcia, 42; 20 years in financial services, currently a project manager. He and wife, Donna, have two girls, 17 and 15, and a 10-year-old son. He is a coach in the Manalapan Baseball Association, Donna is active in son’s PTA. As a fairly new (2 years) resident, Bill brings fresh unbiased perspective to our most important issues. (2nd in votes from the nominating committee)

Ryan D. Green, 28; school social worker in Perth Amboy schools; engaged to be married; member of the Board of Education, Manalapan Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Mayor’s Council for Special Needs. (1st in votes from the nominating committee)

Kalman Budai, 50; president of a ceramic tile company; wife, Michelle; a daughter, 25, son, 21; member of the Summer Recreation Committee, Transportation Committee, President of Manalapan Republican Club (last in nominating votes from the nominating committee), director of Manalapan Recreation Volleyball


Kalman “Butch” Budai and Steve Johnson are challenging the County Committee nominees, Ryan D. Green and William “Bill” Garcia. Two three-year terms on the Township Committee are up for grabs in November.

Johnson said he and Budai will better serve the township as “longtime Manalapan volunteers that have worked hard for our families and for the township. Our opponents just got involved this year.”

(however, a particular someone was kicked off the Recreation committee – exactly how does one get “kicked-off” a volunteer committee?)

“You need to have people that have a certain level of trust built up in the community,” Johnson said.

Interesting: Johnson is past Manalapan Republican President, Kalman is current Manalapan Republican President – YET: lost out to Garcia and Green -What does that tell you?

But Johnson and Budai contend they would be these people, with hopes of bringing in more ratables to offset taxes and improve commuter conditions if elected. (in response to Green’s comment: “I don’t think people are going to dwell on who’s had the title longest. I think they’re going to look at who’s the best person for the job.”)


Green and Garcia said their goals also include ensuring quality of life is protected in the development of the Village at Manalapan, which has been stalled due to traffic and redesign plans.

“right now (traffic) is a burden on our residents and the last thing they want to do is sit in traffic from 15 minutes to a half hour to even more,” Garcia said. “That’s got to be addressed first and foremost. The next step is to look at how much it is going to cost as far as services required — police and everything related to operating a huge project like that.”

However, Johnson said the project, as long as it remains within the scope of what zoning allows, could be a boon for the township.

We need commercial businesses bringing in revenue and other sources of revenue to offset what taxpayers have to pay,” Johnson said. “That’s the only way you’re going to get taxes to come down.

“We have a master plan and we should be looking into getting businesses in that conform to our plan,” Johnson said. “But you have to actively look for them. You can’t just hope they show up some day.”

In my interpretation – Kalman and Johnson would likely have every intention on pandering to developers – totally AGAINST what many many residents express: “PROTECT THE BEAUTY OF OUR OPEN SPACE” of course, this is only my opinion and the opinion of others I speak to.


GOP feud erupts in Manalapan; 2 slates file for committee

By Alesha Williams Boyd • FREEHOLD BUREAU

With the primary election for Township Committee nominations less than two months away, a rift has formed among local Republicans in spite of both sides’ insistence they want to stop the intraparty fighting.

Kalman “Butch” Budai and Steven Johnson filed to run on the “Manalapan Republicans” line against the Manalapan Republican Municipal Committee’s picks, Board of Education member Ryan Green and William Garcia, a two-year resident who works in finance.

GOP Municipal Committee Chairman Stephen McEnery said Budai and Johnson caught a case of sour grapes after they failed to garner enough support to win the party’s nominations.

But Budai and Johnson said they opted to run without the party’s nod after, they believe, McEnery manipulated the selection process.

Some GOP committee members had questioned McEnery’s decision to fill several open committee seats at a meeting held just before the upcoming vote for candidates. Others balked at his decision to hold the vote on the weekend of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when some members could not be present.

“Hardworking Republicans have been pushed aside for unknown “promising’ candidates,” Johnson said, adding that Green and Garcia just registered as Republicans this year. “Now, the Republicans in Manalapan will have a choice.”

McEnery said some residents who were interested in serving on the committee weren’t considered because the seats already had been filled. And, claiming the renegade Republicans haven’t worked well with others on volunteer committees and boards in the township, the chairman said committee members had valid reasons not to select Budai and Johnson.

“The Republican Party in Manalapan is made up of individuals that want to work toward making Manalapan a better place for their families,” McEnery said. “Whenever a splinter group forms, chaos develops and family focus disappears. When two parties debate an issue it’s about beliefs. When a party splits it’s not about beliefs, it’s about ego.”

But Budai, a longtime township volunteer, said McEnery has been the negative force in the local party, releasing personal information about public officials in his own party and acting in his official capacity without consulting the committee, among other issues.

Budai and Johnson, a Zoning Board of Adjustment member, also have organized 40 residents to run on their line for the 48 local Republican County Committee seats, they said. The township reported unofficially that 76 people are running in 24 districts for the seats.

“Many of us decided to join together to work to return Manalapan to the kind of community we all enjoyed before the party bosses created the negativity that saddens us all,” Budai said.

Budai is president of the local Republican Club, a social support organization for the party, and is a member of the summer recreation committee and the transportation board.

Budai and Johnson said their campaign will focus on issues including taxes, improving recreation facility safety and “establishing a positive, inviting atmosphere” in local government.

Green said he and Garcia will focus on municipal spending, shared services, recreation reform and the future of the Village at Manalapan, the now-stalled, 500,000-square-foot retail center proposed at Route 33 and Millhurst Road.

Green, also a member of the zoning board and the Mayor’s Council on Special Needs, said he believes he and Garcia have the best chance of winning the November general election.

Green said he had not registered as a Republican sooner because he did not want to bring politics into his role as a school board member; Garcia said he was registered as unaffiliated in error upon moving to New Jersey.

“It’s a free country if they want to run,” Green said. “I think I’m a better candidate, and Garcia is a solid candidate . . . and I’m looking forward to a healthy debate.”

Incumbent Michelle Roth and Planning Board Chairman Donald Holland are running unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Howell: Republicans may be unopposed

Two former Republican Planning Board members were the only ones who filed to run for mayor and a seat on the Township Council Monday; although an independent councilman indicated that he may still enter the race for mayor in June.

Republican Russell F. Bohlin of Belmar Boulevard filed to run as mayor to replace current Republican Mayor Joseph DiBella, who chose not to seek re-election. Republican Paul Schneider, a former Planning Board chairman, filed to run for the Township Council for the seat currently held by GOP Councilwoman Cynthia Schomaker, who also is not running for re-election.

No Democrats or independents filed to run for either post. Three of the four council seats in Howell are currently held by independents.

Bohlin said he believes he can bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing the township. “I know I can make a difference,” the 55-year-old said of his decision to run for mayor.

Bohlin, who first drew public attention in 2005 for leading a challenge on behalf of 61 neighbors against a residential developer, recently championed an opposition to the rezoning of a mobile home park.

“I constantly advocated to minimize the impact of development proposals on neighboring residents and the community as a whole,” Bohlin said of his time on the Planning Board.

While he currently has no opponents in the November election, that could change. Independent Councilman Robert Walsh, who served as deputy mayor last year, said he has not made a decision as to whether or not he will run for mayor but that he will decide before the June primary.

Schneider also will run uncontested in the Republican primary for the open council seat. Appointed to a number of township panels and commissions dating back to the late 1950s, Schneider said that now that he has retired from his job as director of a pharmaceutical chain, he can devote what he calls the necessary time needed to sit on the township’s governing body.

“I consider this position on council as more time consuming,” said Schneider, who served on the township’s now defunct Board of Health from 1958 to 1985, helped to establish the township’s Shade Tree Commission in 1967 and was also a member of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the township’s Mobile Home Rent Control Board and Environmental Commission, as well as professional associations.

No Democrats filed for either the mayor or council position before the Monday deadline, although a nominee could emerge through write-in votes.

“We had a few prospective candidates, but at the end of the day no one wanted to run,” said Democratic Club President Steven Morlino.