Lack of details, and silent responses on and from Cristie are very loud!

Christie has been pulling a Corzine for the entire campaign.

Talk about frustrating – kinda. Christie’s lack of details makes it easy to know who the real contender to Corzine should be in November.

He has plans (or does he? Does he even have a clue? Maybe, but I don’t know – that’s the problem) but doesn’t need to explain tham (doesnt that sound familiar?) ?

Does he have a high level of confidence perhaps, that us grassroots voters are going to press that little red button in the polling b ooth because most of the County Chairmen say He’s the man?

Well I for do not intent on voting for a liberal Republican – EVER.  I say liberal because I have no reason to think otherwise. I can only compare him to the other main candidate who believes the devil is in the details and says it like it is – and NO PANDERING.

As a Voter, I must be honest: Cristie’s lack of details are quite telling.  What’s great is that us voters can just do a little research on issues most important to us so we have the ability to make the right decision on Primary and election day..

People ask me what I think about Cristie. The truth is, i don’t hear from the guy or see him answer real questions (just like the Dems). What I do hear is that he’s ducking forums and/or debates. THE SILENCE IS LOUD

What’s Cristies proposals and outlines on taxes, the economy, the Soprano state and the unions, schools, COAH, and the whole laundry list..

I am a voter, and Hello, Mr. Christie: I have no idea. All I hear is  just general rhetoric about “putting an end to it” or something like that.

Contrast that to Lonegan,  and Mayor Lonegan outlines his proposals for real change one by one.

How will Cristie fix the economy and keep businesses from leaving NJ? Does he have a plan?  He  He’s always ducking the details

Hey wait a minute:  Son of a gun…  he’s pulling a Corzine. He has a plan, but “it’s top secret”?

If you’re a conservative first, and a Republican second, Lonegan is your man.

Speaking of silence – here’s a telling article from Star Ledger’s April 30th articlePosted by Paul Mulshine


Rudy’s not talking either

from the Star-Ledger, Posted by Paul Mulshine April 30, 2009

Shortly after 1 p.m., my phone rang. It was Rudy Giuliani. He was endorsing Chris Christie in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Rudy said, among other things, that Chris Christie is “an economic conservative.”

He is? You sure coulda fooled me. The handpicked candidate of the liberal Republican establishment has spent the past few months ducking questions on economic issues.

For good reason, I suspect. It was the state GOP establishment that gave us such ultra-liberal programs as free preschool for 3- and-4-year-olds under a state constitution that requires schooling only for those between 5 and 18.

“… Christie’s busy blasting opponent Lonegan for the most economically conservative stand in recent memory – a move to a 2.9 percent flat tax as opposed to the expected rate that will exceed 10 percent next year.”

They also gave us that $8.7 billion school-construction program that was squandered on new schools in the cities that cost as much as $175 million per school.

Christie’s opponent, Steve Lonegan, sued his own party to stop that borrowing. I didn’t hear a peep out of Christie at the time – or ever for that matter.

And as I noted in a prior post, Christie’s busy blasting opponent Lonegan for the most economically conservative stand in recent memory – a move to a 2.9 percent flat tax as opposed to the expected rate that will exceed 10 percent next year.

I tried to ask Rudy just what is economically conservative about that.

Rudy didn’t answer. He just hung up.

ALSO: Check this Philadelphia Inquirer piece in which Lonegan proposes standing up to the state Supreme Court and distributing school-funding on a fair basis. Again, Christie’s silence speaks volumes.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan said yesterday that he would cut court-ordered funding to New Jersey’s poorest school districts and equalize state subsidies to all districts.

“It is a noble goal to strive to provide a quality education for every student . . .,” he said, “but I submit that the current [school funding] formula is a complete failure, a miserable failure not only in that it’s failed to provide a quality education, but in the impact it has had on taxpayers.”


Christie’s Lead Is Vanishing At A Rate Of *AWESOME*

“Chris Christie’s bumbling gubernatorial campaign for the GOP nomination has gone from a 22 point lead (March 9th) down to a 9 point lead”

American Spectator
“Our Lead Is Vanishing At A Rate Of *AWESOME*”
By J. Peter Freire on 4.22.09 @ 4:53PM

On February 2nd, Steve Lonegan, former mayor of Bogota, was looking at numbers from Quinnipiac like this:

Christie: 44%
Lonegan: 17%

At that point, Chris Christie was asserting he had no ethics problems at all, and that if something smelled unethical, he wouldn’t do it. That, I said, was some Orwellian verve.

So little surprise comes that when we’re looking at the new numbers, Christie’s campaign can still claim: “We’re winning.”

Christie: 46%
Lonegan: 37%

Chris Christie’s bumbling gubernatorial campaign for the GOP nomination has gone from a 22 point lead (March 9th) down to a 9 point lead (April 21st).

The pollster writes:

“Christopher Christie’s lead over Steve Lonegan in the Republican primary shrinks as we shift from registered voters to likely voters. These Republican loyalists are less impressed by a political newcomer than a party veteran,” Richards said.

To which Christie’s campaign responds:

Chris Christie campaign manager Bill Stepien said that polls released this morning confirm that Christie remains the frontrunner not just in the gubernatorial primary, but for the general election.

“Two new polls continue to show encouraging news for Chris Christie. The bottom line is that I’d rather be Chris than any other candidate right now,” he said. “Chris has a substantial lead in both the primary and general election polls, a significant fundraising advantage in the primary and grassroots support in all corners of the state, as evidenced by him winning every single county convention.”

Okay. Christie does deserve congratulations for winning every single county convention. Except that happened in February, back when he was said to be the only viable candidate. Things have changed. The poll showing his lead cut in half is today. While I’m sure Bill Stepien is sincere in thinking that he’d “rather be Chris than any other candidate right now,” it does make me worry about Bill Stepien’s stock portfolio/NCAA brackets/horserace betting record. You’re supposed to look at change over time.

If we could revisit those poll numbers, the term “buzz saw” comes to mind.

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Bogota ex-mayor arrested at toll protest


Star-Ledger StaffFormer Bogota Mayor Steven Lonegan was arrested yesterday during a small protest outside a school in Cape May County where Gov. Jon Corzine was pitching his plan to fix the state’s finances by increasing highway tolls.

Lonegan, an outspoken conservative best known for his unflinching stance against illegal immigration, was among some 10 toll opponents waving placards and distributing pamphlets outside Middle Township High School at 1:30 p.m. when they were confronted by local police.

Officers ordered the protesters to put down their signs, and Lonegan refused, saying he would have to be arrested first.

Police handcuffed him along with fellow protester Seth Grossman, a Somers Point lawyer and radio personality. They were charged with trespassing, said Middle Township Police Lt. Paul Fritsch.

“This was an all-out attack on freedom of speech,” said Lonegan, who in 2005 unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for governor.

Corzine said he said he did not order the arrest.

“I think protests and speaking your mind is what democracy is all about, and I support it,” he said.

Placards are typically banned from demonstrations in Middle Township, and school board members had asked police to approach the protesters yesterday, Fritsch said.

Longeman and Grossman were released within an hour of their arrest, police said. Grossman made it back to the high school in time to grill Corzine on the toll hike plan.

Staff writer Joe Ryan and the Associated Press contributed to this report.