Manalapan: Vote for Ryan D. Green for Twp. Committee

Ryan D. Green believes that Manalapan is a great place to live—but he also believes that there is more we can do to make our community even better.  That effort begins with strong leadership on the Township Committee.  We need a leader who will focus on the issues that matter and really get the job done for Manalapan: Ryan D. Green.

Property Taxes
Every time we open our tax bills, property taxes in Manalapan seem to be going up.  The municipal tax rate for 2009 has increased, as a result of the partisan budget passed by Mayor Klauber (News Transcript, 7/1/09).  To reduce the tax burden on the residents of Manalapan, Ryan D. Green will lead the charge to cut wasteful spending and make our municipal government more efficient.  It’s what he did as a member of the Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Education:

  • Re-structured our schools to save $1.4 million in taxpayer dollars.
  • From 2008 to 2009, school taxes were reduced by over $600,000.

Ryan D. Green will cut wasteful spending, expand our shared services, and find new sources of revenue for the township:

-Ryan D. Green will not have the taxpayers of Manalapan pay for his health insurance, saving thousands of taxpayer dollars.  Mayor Klauber currently receives FREE health insurance at your expense.

-As a member of the Board of Education, Ryan D. Green has been at the table since the beginning and has achieved real shared services agreements with Manalapan Township.  For instance, Manalapan Township saves thousands of dollars annually by using school district buses for the summer recreation program.  In exchange, parking lots are re-paved at district schools, at a significantly lower cost.

-Ryan D. Green will aggressively pursue new sources of revenue for the township, including possible advertising on our sports fields.  If done in a tasteful manner and properly regulated by the Township Committee, advertising could be a strong revenue source to offset taxes.

Bipartisanship on the Township Committee
The Manalapan Township Committee has become a political circus, and it’s costing taxpayers money.  Frivolous lawsuits and personal vendettas are taking the focus off the issues that matter.  Ryan D. Green has a proven record of bipartisanship on the Board of Education, where personal differences are put aside to do what’s right for residents.  Ryan will do the same as a member of the Manalapan Township Committee.

Open Space
Ryan D. Green is a strong proponent for maintaining open space in Manalapan Township.  The scenic beauty of our community must be maintained.  In addition, further development will strain our schools, our roads, and our municipal services, which will inevitably lead to higher taxes. Unfortunately, Ryan’s opponent recently endorsed a plan to develop open space into a 110 unit apartment complex.

Manalapan Township has not preserved as much open space as my opponent would have you believe.  Townships such as Freehold and Millstone have preserved far more acres than Manalapan.  In addition, Democratic members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders have recently looked to undermine open space initiatives (Asbury Park Press, 3/6/09).  We can do better.  As a member of the Manalapan Township Committee, Ryan D. Green will work to increase preservation of open space.

Commuter Parking

With so many of our residents commuting to New York City, finding additional sites for commuter parking needs to be a priority for the Township Committee.  Last year, in an unfortunate political ploy, my opponent and members of his party claimed that more commuter parking would be available at Monmouth Heights Swim Club.  This turned out not to be true and no additional commuter parking is currently available (News Transcript, 11/12/08).

Even more frustrating, the Township Committee has ignored the efforts of the Transportation Committee—plans are currently being explored to provide commuter parking at the Englishtown Auction.  This could yield a significant number of parking spaces, greatly benefiting our commuters.  Ryan D. Green will work with the Transportation Committee to make this idea a reality.

Recycling and the Environment

Manalapan Township needs to improve its record when it comes to recycling.  As a member of the Township Committee, Ryan D. Green will make recycling and environmental issues a priority once again.

Ryan is already moving forward in this area.  He has been at the table since the beginning regarding an energy audit of all the buildings in the Manalapan-Englishtown Regional School District.  This audit will identify areas of energy waste, so that energy can be used more efficiently.  This saves money for the taxpayers and helps to preserve our environment.

The Right Experience to Make a Difference

Read more about Ryan by clicking Here


Disgrace:FRHS Board rep steps down because of opposition to do what’s right



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By Joshua Riley • EDUCATION WRITER • January 14, 2009                     

MANALAPAN — Marlboro’s representative on the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education has resigned after serving for less than a year, saying the politics of some members and a too-powerful team of administrators were getting in the way of good decision-making.

Katie Goon, who was elected to a three-year term in April, read a prepared statement Monday night at the board meeting at Manalapan High School. Her resignation was immediate.

“In the past six months, I have been extremely perturbed by the issues and events that have transpired,” Goon said, referring to the controversy that began in July over five district employees’ receiving district money for obtaining bogus doctoral degrees.

Goon said she holds “sincere hope” that her successor will rise above the politics of the district.

Board President Patricia Horvath did not return calls requesting comment. (Gee I wonder why)

“I’m disappointed,” board member Joan Leimbach said in a telephone interview. “I thought she made a great contribution to the board. It will be a loss.”

Goon’s former seat holds the most voting power of any on the board. The Marlboro representative’s vote counts as 1.6 votes out of nine in the district’s system. In the seat’s vacancy, the board can cast only 7.4 total votes because it uses a weighted voting system.

After previous resignations, the board has announced a vacancy and accepted applications for the seat before appointing a temporary representative. The unexpired two-year term will be filled after the April election.

In August, Goon had asked for the resignation or removal of Superintendent H. James Wasser should he retain the title of “Dr.” or refuse to repay the district tuition and salary paid for his doctorate from a so-called diploma mill, Breyer State University.Wasser was ordered by state officials to relinquish his title. He cooperated. He stopped receiving higher pay when he dropped his title in September, yet he did not repay tuition payments or salary increases that the district had already paid. Wasser remains superintendent.


During a telephone interview Tuesday, Goon said other board members have feared for themselves and their family members in making decisions for the district. She declined to elaborate.
During a telephone interview, Goon said her voice was not enough to overcome the will of the administration.

As further disservice to district taxpayers, Goon said, two board members for whom a family member works in the district are excluded from representing their municipality on issues of employee contracts.

“There is a lot of power in the administration, and I don’t think the board members stand up to it,” she said.

At Monday’s meeting, Marlboro residents continued to criticize Wasser over the degree and chide the board for inaction.

Goon read her statement at the end of a 2‚1/2-hour meeting. She signed the statement, and the board accepted her resignation.

Local Roaster pledges 7% of online sales to The American Cancer Society

Click HERE for information on their blog

Here’s their PRESS RELEASE



November 20, 2008

Gourmet Coffee and Tea company pledges 7% of online sales to The American Cancer Society.

WEST MONMOUTH, NJ – Gourmet coffee roaster Caffe-Amante of Manalapan NJ has kicked-off the holiday season with a giving spirit.

“It’s that time of year when one reflects on how they’ve been blessed, and there’s no better way to be grateful than to give back” said Bill Garcia, Proprietor of Caffe-Amante which operates out of Manalapan.

Mr. Garcia decided to commence the program on his birthday, today, and leave the program open-ended. He continued: “I figure as long as people are conscious to give us direction where they want us to donate, we’ll just keep it going. We’re blessed throughout the entire year so there’s no reason to only give during the holiday season.” has designed a plan of giving where everyone that places an order through their website with the passcode ACS”, will result in a donation of 7% to the American Cancer Society.

All that’s required from the customers are the passcode; Caffe-Amante will take it from there. Not only will they send the donation, they will also email the customer when and how much was donated on their behalf for their own verification.

Additional information can be found at their blog:

Caffe-Amante is a small Gourmet Coffee Roaster and Tea company that roasts top grade coffee beans to order. Coffee is roasted, packaged and shipped within 24 hours so there’s no shelf life or inventory. They also sell exquisite Gourmet Teas, unique tea-pots and small gift sets.

Mr. Garcia can be reached at 732-984-1330 or by email:

#   #    #    #

Manalapan Results

Township Committee, 2 seats, 3 year term
William Garcia (R) — 8,171
Ryan Green (R) — 8,248

√ Donald J. Holland Jr. (D) — 8,392
√ Michelle Roth* (D) — 8,700

Public question: Open space levy increase (yes – you voted for the higher tax)
√ Votes for — 6,518
Votes against — 4,842

More NJ race results as the day progresses..

Ryan D. Green and William Garcia for Manalapan Township Committee

Green and Garcia pledge to not accept donations from special interest groups and to limit campaign signs. Democrats refuse to do the same. For more information, click here.

Green and Garcia hold candidate forums in Manalapan. Click below to see what they had to say:

To read more about the candidate forums, click here.

Biographies – Click HERE

Learn about Michelle Roth’s history of raising taxes and frivolously spending our tax dollars.

Manalapan: Open Space Ballot question – Join Green and Garcia – A NO vote supports the lower tax

Manalapan residents on Nov. 4th ( will get an opportunity to vote for a higher tax supported by current Mayor Michelle Roth, or a lower tax supported by TC Candidates William Garcia and Ryan Green.

The question will ask if you support the Open space fund tax – a fund used for the Township’s Open Space purchases.  It’s a little misleading, because it’s not asking if you support the Open Space Fund – it’s asking if you want to continue the Current 2 cent tax.

If you vote YES, you’re supporting a .02 CENTS PER $100 (your assesed property value) tax.

If you vote NO, you’re supporting the lower option of .015 CENTS PER $100 (your assessed property value)

Join Bill Garcia and Ryan Green by voting NO and support of the lower tax option… for a change.

Green and garcia for Manalapan Twp. Committee

Visit Green and Garcia’s website at  

View our platform, and decide on Nov. 4th, Democrat incumbent Mayor Michelle Roth (increased spending supported by35 % increase in taxes the past 2 years amounting to $6 million) and Don Holland, or Republican’s William Garcia & Ryan Green, both supporting reduction in spending, reduction in taxes, increase open space and be pro-active with Affordable Housing. Time for change – change  that will reverse the spending increases, and will NOT have the residents pay for their Health Benefits – that  alone is a savings of $28,000 per year