JOIN THE OCT 25th Rally at the Statehouse to PROTECT MARRIAGE!!

Click here to learn more, learn the issues, how to get involved, and all the endorsing organizations as well as all the facts going on in this country, attacking those with family values.

Even California allows its people to decide on important issues AT THE POLLS – not our Gang in Trenton;  our legislators want to change the definition of marriage behind closed doors, right after election day, but before the new term.

This is an Obamanation to this countries foundations..

We challenge you to join in the mission and take a stand for the family.

This manual is designed to give you the tools you need to be involved in the policy process.

Topics include:

  • How you can be involved in the Public Policy Process
  • Getting Started
  • Take Action through communicating with media & lawmaker
  • What churches CAN and CANNOT DO
  • Marriage Minute Men Action Points
  • Instructions for signing E-Petition
  • Instructions for contacting legislators
Download Citizen Action Pack MMF 2009