Kudo’s for Mike Doherty: GOP Assembly Members to Hold Public Meetings on Gov’s 800% Toll Hike Plan

It’s folks like Mike Doherty who inspire me to want to run for office. Thanks for hearing our voices Mike!

Millenium Radio

“Is this really the voice of the people of New Jersey or is this an orchestrated effort to put up the appearance that people are agreeing with this?” asks Assemblyman Mike Doherty. Doherty and his Republican Assembly colleagues, Rick Merkt and Caroline Casagrande says they will head a Republican task force that will hold a series of town meetings throughout New Jersey to seek public input on Governor Corzine’s massive 800% toll hike proposal.

Doherty says, “I am not at all confident that the town meetings being conducted by the Governor are an accurate representation of the public’s concerns on these matters.” He adds, “The Governor’s town hall meetings, in many instances, they’re hand-picking who they want in the crowd.”

The meetings will take place in several locations around the state between now and March and will be open to all members of the public. The schedule is expected to be announced shortly. No advance registration will be required.

“Based on the contact I’ve had with constituents, I can guarantee that there is a lot more anger about this issue than has been on display at the Governor’s town meetings,” says Merkt. He adds, “We want to make sure that all taxpayers have an opportunity to express their views in an open, public forum.”

Explaining his town hall meetings, Corzine says, “There is no restriction on what anybody can ask. There is no picking who is going to get the mic(rophone).” He adds, “People stand up, they can ask whatever they want and we try to respond.”