Manalapan: GOP Primary-VOTE COLUMN 1 – GREEN/GARCIA for County Endorsed Candidates



(Some quotes taken from Sat’s APP article by Alesha Williams Boyd)

Two local GOP County Committee nominees (Garcia and Green) and their challengers (Kalman and Johnson) face off at the polls on Tuesday. Here’s the Candidates:


Steve Johnson, 54; in the office automation service industry; wife, Helene Leeder-Johnson; member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Community Alliance; director of the Republican Club. (3rd in votes from the nominating committee)

William “Bill” Garcia, 42; 20 years in financial services, currently a project manager. He and wife, Donna, have two girls, 17 and 15, and a 10-year-old son. He is a coach in the Manalapan Baseball Association, Donna is active in son’s PTA. As a fairly new (2 years) resident, Bill brings fresh unbiased perspective to our most important issues. (2nd in votes from the nominating committee)

Ryan D. Green, 28; school social worker in Perth Amboy schools; engaged to be married; member of the Board of Education, Manalapan Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Mayor’s Council for Special Needs. (1st in votes from the nominating committee)

Kalman Budai, 50; president of a ceramic tile company; wife, Michelle; a daughter, 25, son, 21; member of the Summer Recreation Committee, Transportation Committee, President of Manalapan Republican Club (last in nominating votes from the nominating committee), director of Manalapan Recreation Volleyball


Kalman “Butch” Budai and Steve Johnson are challenging the County Committee nominees, Ryan D. Green and William “Bill” Garcia. Two three-year terms on the Township Committee are up for grabs in November.

Johnson said he and Budai will better serve the township as “longtime Manalapan volunteers that have worked hard for our families and for the township. Our opponents just got involved this year.”

(however, a particular someone was kicked off the Recreation committee – exactly how does one get “kicked-off” a volunteer committee?)

“You need to have people that have a certain level of trust built up in the community,” Johnson said.

Interesting: Johnson is past Manalapan Republican President, Kalman is current Manalapan Republican President – YET: lost out to Garcia and Green -What does that tell you?

But Johnson and Budai contend they would be these people, with hopes of bringing in more ratables to offset taxes and improve commuter conditions if elected. (in response to Green’s comment: “I don’t think people are going to dwell on who’s had the title longest. I think they’re going to look at who’s the best person for the job.”)


Green and Garcia said their goals also include ensuring quality of life is protected in the development of the Village at Manalapan, which has been stalled due to traffic and redesign plans.

“right now (traffic) is a burden on our residents and the last thing they want to do is sit in traffic from 15 minutes to a half hour to even more,” Garcia said. “That’s got to be addressed first and foremost. The next step is to look at how much it is going to cost as far as services required — police and everything related to operating a huge project like that.”

However, Johnson said the project, as long as it remains within the scope of what zoning allows, could be a boon for the township.

We need commercial businesses bringing in revenue and other sources of revenue to offset what taxpayers have to pay,” Johnson said. “That’s the only way you’re going to get taxes to come down.

“We have a master plan and we should be looking into getting businesses in that conform to our plan,” Johnson said. “But you have to actively look for them. You can’t just hope they show up some day.”

In my interpretation – Kalman and Johnson would likely have every intention on pandering to developers – totally AGAINST what many many residents express: “PROTECT THE BEAUTY OF OUR OPEN SPACE” of course, this is only my opinion and the opinion of others I speak to.



Ron Paul Activists – I mean supporters, take over the Forge Inn at the Woodbridge NJ Conservative Straw Poll

Ron Paul activists pretty much took over the room at the Forge Inn in Woodbridge NJ Sat. for the NJ Conservative Presidential Straw Poll.

Over 200 attended with 126 votes garnered for Paul. Thompson was a distant second, Mitt Romney tallyed 22 and Gov. Huckabee pulled in 15 votes – had the amount of supporters that showed up at the Meetup group last Wed., Huckabee would’ve pulled in a much healthier second place finish. There were not many “undecided” voters as everyone in attendance that I noticed had a stickier or button for their choice candidate.

Peter Kane was the surrogate speaker for Gov. Huckabee and as usual did a fabulous job representing the former Governor.

Huckabee supporters were optimistic however – their candidate pulled in ahead of New Jersey favorite – Rudy Giuliani.

See more on the Straw Poll HERE

REMINDER: Election Registration offices open until Midnight tonight Jan 15th

CLICK HERE to find out where to go in your area

NJ Primary Information: SUPER TUESDAY IS FEB. 5th.

Calling New Jersey: today (dec. 17) is the last day to “SWING” register for NJ Primary

NJ Primary on Feb 5th.
I want to share some thought provoking ideas for you to ponder before deciding who will get your vote.
RIGHT now –  to do the following 2 things:
Take inventory of your values and convictions… what’s most important to you and your family?
Remove from your mind: “who do I think will win”, and “everyone I know is voting for —“ and instead, ask yourself: Who is the candidate that closely shares my values and convictions?
That is the person to vote for!
(go to my other blog HERE for a candidate information page. I’m pro Huckabee – but I do have information for ALL our candidates so please spend some time learning about them)
IF YOU ARE NOT AFFILIATED: you can participate only if you shed your unaffiliated status and join a party on primary day.
Q: HOW DO I Register?
A: You need to go to your City Hall/Town Clerk or the county board of ElectionsNeed help finding them? CLICK HEREI strongly urge you: if you have considered voting for someone in the general Presidential election that is outside your Party affiliate, in order to do all you can to make that candidate the party nominee, please consider visiting your local TOWN HALL and fill out the necessary paperwork TODAY.
SO – for example: if you’re a registered Democrat or independent, but like Governor Huckabee, well, you can vote for Governor Huckabee in the general election on Nov. 2008 only if he’s the Republican nominee… in order for him to be the nominee, all the individual state registered voters need to vote him in as candidate, to represent the Republican party. So the only way you can really exercise your right and be heard, is to do all you can to make Governor Huckabee the nominee – so come on New Jersey – go to your local TOWN HALL and make the change before its too late!!!

Please do all you can to support our next Commander in Chief – whoever you vote for, like Huckabee ;o), make sure your registered for that party or declare a party on Primary day if unaffiliated or Independent!